View Full Version : William AIKIN - who was he?

Karen Newman
05-02-2006, 11:35 AM
In 1881, William AIKIN is shown on the census as a visitor in the house of John SNELL and his wife Frances in Hampshire. John was born in Devon and Frances in Hampshire. AIKIN has been transcribed Aitkin, but the original looks like it has been amended to AIKIN. Place of birth given as Newcastle, Durham.

In 1891, William is now William A SNELL, and he and Frances have moved to Kent. John was in the Portsmouth (Hants) workhouse. William's place of birth given as Seaham Harbour (?), Durham.

In 1901, William is married and still a SNELL. When he married in 1898 (Jun Strood), he was William Aikin Snell. Frances is also in Kent, but living on her own. She is described as a widow, but John had gone back to live with his mother in Devon. William gave his place of birth as Seaham, Durham.

I have been unable to find John and Frances wedding. I cannot find John on the 1871, so am unsure of the rough date.

I have tried the indexes, and have only found a couple of births Williams of the right date, but they come from Chorlton, Lancs. I am aware that there may be several possibilities to spell AIKIN, but may not have thought of all of them!

What I would like to know (and before I order William's marriage cert as a last resort!), is whose child was he? I have no connection with the Durham area on my tree so far - all my lot hail very definitely from the south.

If anyone has 'lost' William, I would be delighted to hear from them.

Karen Newman
06-02-2006, 4:45 PM
After months of searching, I post to this forum and what happens?

The very next day, I find William! He is in the Easington Baptisms as WILLIAM AIKIN SNELL, son of William and Fanny (August 1873).

BUT I am none the wiser! I cannot find a Registration match for William so cannot order a birth cert. I had half expected him to be Frances' child by a previous marriage, and this looks likely but I cannot find a marriage for William Snr and Fanny.

And who was William Snell snr? John did have a brother William and I have been unable to find him after 1861, so did John marry his brother's widow?