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30-01-2006, 3:31 PM
Just discovered that one of my ancestors was called (according to the marriage record on FreeBMD) Jane PRIDEAVIUX.

I can't find any other records whatsoever for anyone with this surname (the only match that comes up is this marriage).

Has anyone ever come across this name before, or can suggest what an alternate spelling might be. Even Google doesn't recognise it.

Strangely it appears she was born in Newport Pagnell, Bucks, which is where I spent most of my childhood, and where my mum still lives! All of the rest of the family so far have been from E London and Somerset!

30-01-2006, 3:36 PM
Hi Jane,

Not sure if this is what you're after, but when I saw the name you were querying, I immediately thought of Prideaux Place in Padstow, Cornwall.



30-01-2006, 3:51 PM
I agree with Sharron. There are quite a lot of instances of the name Prideaux in the West Country.

Best wishes

31-01-2006, 4:21 AM
I think you can assume it is an error of spelling - in the IGI no spelling alternative is offered in it's place - and just the one entry comes up. There is not one entry in all the 1881 census on the LDS site - UK, USA or Canada.

I would go with Prideaux as well. However, there may have been just the one family who used this spelling at some stage, so you never know. It is not impossible.

If you get the marriage certificate you can see how the bride spelt her name when she signs it. If she was illiterate, then the mistake is the registrar/priest.