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23-01-2006, 7:48 PM
Would anyone be able to look for a Frederick Hall born 1818 or 19, in Highgate Birmingham.
He married Julia Coleclouch. Bagnell Stoke on Trent in 1843
He was a Pork Butcher.
He is at 41 Commerce St Longton Stoke on Trent in 1861

Many thanks Jay

23-01-2006, 8:28 PM
Hi Jay,

I can't help with 1841, but this is the entry for 1851. It's a poor quality scan, however, so I can't promise it's gospel!

Market Street, Longton, Stoke upon Trent, Staffordshire
H0107/2007 43 11

Frederick Hall/32/butcher/Birmingham
Julia Hall/26//Longton
John J.W. Hall/3//Longton
Clara Ann Hall/3mths//Longton
Elizabeth Adams/16/house servant/Longton
Ann Bettany/12/at house/Longton

Elizabeth and Ann have been indexed as Frederick's daughters. The scan is particularly poor in this part of the page. The entries in the relationship to head of family column seem to be wider than that for Clara, who is directly above, and quite clearly listed as daughter, but I can't even tell if the relationship to Frederick is the same for Elizabeth and Ann. At 16, and with the job of house servant, Elizabeth could actually be Frederick's house servant. Unfortunately, the 1851 does not show if he is working on his own account or another's, and therefore able to afford a house servant.

I'm less sure with Ann, however, at the age of 12. I made a guess when I typed "at house" above. On the return, it does appear to say that, but the word 'at' has three vertical strokes through it, but whether that is to correct a mistake or it's the enumerator counting off, I do not know.

In fact, looking at Elizabeth's entry again, I'm fairly sure that she is a servant.

Hope this helps, Jay, though I suspect it's answered some questions and posed some more! Hopefully if SKS finds the equivalent entry in the 1841, it will be resolved!


23-01-2006, 8:39 PM
Thank you so much Sharon thats very helpful.


23-01-2006, 9:38 PM
Hi Jay
I think Ann Bettany is also a servant. The enumerator started to write "Do" - ie ditto the above, which was house servant. He then crossed it out & wrote "Nurse". Ann Bettany would have been a nursemaid for 3mth-old Clara Ann. As a butcher, Frederick could probably have employed a couple of servants - one permanent & maybe a temporary one to help with the baby.

Not much help in the 1841 census.
HO107/991/1 folio 30 page 6, Caroline St, Lane End (Longton was crossed out), Stoke upon Trent, Staffordshire
Frederick Hall, 22, butcher, born in the county, living in the household of William Eyers, 38, currier.

23-01-2006, 10:23 PM
Hello Wirral.
Many thanks for the 41 info. was hoping to see his parents but hey ho.
At least we know he was a butcher all along.


27-01-2006, 10:33 AM
Hello thank you for all the previous information I now have the fathers name from Fredericks marriage certificate.
He was a farmer called Henry Hall so would it be possible to see if he is on the 41 census.
HENRY HALL A FARMER PROBABLY BORN ABOUT1780s-90s as his son Frederick Hall was born 1819 in Birmingham married 1843 wedding at Bagnall stoke on trent 9.10.1943

Many thanks