View Full Version : Looking for Edward Bell's family

Alison Jones
22-01-2006, 10:17 AM
Edward Bell was married to Elsie Jones. They were probably born around 1916. Elsie's last known address in 1958 was Sutton Road, Kidderminster, UK. She had a brother called George Jones who lived at Tenscore Street, West Bromwich, UK. I am not sure how many children they had, but I know she had two called John and Annie (My Mother). She may have had another called Barbara.

Annie (My Mother) was adopted by a Mr and Mrs Briggs of West Bromwich and renamed Patricia around December 1946 (aged 5). I know Barbara had two children called Alex and Michelle Hannah (not sure surname is spelled correctly.) These children will be in their early 40s now.

If anyone has any info on Elsie and Edward Bell, or knows of any other children they may have had, please contact me.

Also, if anyone knows of any of the names I have mentioned here, please contact me, so I can begin my family tree research.