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Jo from Australia
10-01-2006, 8:57 AM
Hello all! Jo from SA again. I am still trying to peice things together with my now infamous grandmother! I would like to ask a question to you, oh so knowledgable ones!
On my dads birth cert (1936) it states that my grandmother was divorced, but on her marriage cert (1975) it states she was previously married and the word 'dissolved' appears, not divorced. Is there a difference??

I know my grandfather was my dads dad, but I simply can not find any record of my Gmothers first marriage or the divorce. We spoke in another thread about the possibilty she had to wait until the first husband passed away...but would she not be considered a widow if that was the case???

to add more of a head ach, on this marraige cert it states that my gmothers father is Henry Branton but on her birth cert it is father not listed and her mothers name is Branton. No Henry Branton is associated with a Lena Branton around 1905....Arg! Hnery was listed as a lumber Jack...were there lumber jacks in London or was that just the Canadians (other than Pythons Lumber Jacks:o) !)

looking forward to any thoughts!


Guy Etchells
10-01-2006, 9:25 AM
Maybe, all marriages are dissolved eventually, mainly by the death of a partner.
However there are other causes of dissolution of a marriage.
Divorce comes in two flavours (a vinculo) due to the marriage being void from the outset was sometimes referred to as a dissolution
Secondly (a mensa et thoro) which separates the parties but the children remain legitimate.

However as with many terms they become interchangeable with use and the likelihood is it simply means divorced.

Diane Grant-Salmon
10-01-2006, 4:16 PM
Hi Jo,

Yes, Guy is correct. :) I divorced my first husband and my marriage certificate for my second marriage in 1976, says in the Condition column:

Previous Marriage Dissolved.