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04-01-2006, 12:24 AM
Someone was selling a family bible on ebay and gave alot of details about it. I thought the info might be of use.

This item should be of particular interest to the descendants of the Harvey family & their 9 surviving children from the Potters Bar area, England.

The family register entries are as follows:

Family Register of Robert and Harriett Harvey.
Robert Harvey, born May 29 1829 - registered Enfield - baptised at Hadley
Harriett Ann Harvey - registered Burch, Lincoln - baptised at Hogsthorpe (Lincolnshire)
Married July 21 1860 at Christ Church, Marylebone.

Robert Harvey, born May 29 1829, registered Hadley, Married July 21 1860 - Marylebone

Harriett Ann Harvey, born February 19 1841, registered Hogsthorpe

Ellen Harvey, born June 11 1861, registered Potters Bar

Elizabeth Harvey, born Jan 24 1864, registered Potters Bar, married January 10 1885 Hendon Parish Church

Frederick Harvey, born Sept 6 1866, registered Potters Bar, married September 11 1892 Hendon

Harriett Harvey, born Sept 8 1868, registered Potters Bar

Mary Ann Harvey, born Sept 10 1871, registered Potters Bar, married to James Rogers (Rojers) June 24 1890 Jacksonville Florida

Minnie Harvey, born April 9 1875, registered Potters Bar

Rose Harvey, born Jan 19 1877, registered Potters Bar

Alice Harvey, born Aug 19 1879, registered Potters Bar, Married to Thomas Francis Bewley Sept 26 1900 St. Johns Church Potters Bar

Harry Harvey, born April 25 1882, registered potters Bar, died April 27 1882

Robert William Harvey, born Feb 21st 1885, registered Hendon

Frank Harvey, born Dec 27 1887, registered Hendon, married Jun 18 1913 Potters Bar.

A page of further entries contradict the above, in that it lists the Harvey children as being born in Potters Bar but registered in Barnet (some 2.5 miles away) - probably because the Barnet Register Office administered the Potters Bar area.