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01-01-2006, 11:37 PM

I am looking for my ancestors William Denton COOKE (b. circa 1815 West Molesey, Surrey) and Mary Ann COOKE (bapt. 24 May 1818 Kingston, Surrey) in the 1851 census on Ancestry.

(I know this site is an abomination to many but my sub runs out on 6 Feb AND I am due to have a baby on 26 Jan so I am trying to make the most of it before time runs out on me one way or another!!).

In 1851 they had two children:

Emily M COOKE (b. circa 1848 Kingston, Surrey)
Elizabeth COOKE (b. circa 1850 Kingston, Surrey)

A son William Denton COOKE was born 22 Jan 1852 at Old Bridge Street, Kingston.

I have failed to find any of them by searching using COOKE or COOK. The parents' names being so frequent does not help. I know there are other variants I can try but, as I have an address for soon after the census I would like to check that address out first.

However, I do not know how to find out what civil parish it was in.

Any help gratefully received.

02-01-2006, 1:00 AM
I don't know how much this will help, but here goes:

When I don't know where to find a place in a county, I go to FREEBMD and look up any birth in that county (I use the correct last name, in your case Cooke). Then I page through the towns that come up in the list until I find the right one (Kingston). Then I click on that, and on the word 'here' on the screen that comes up. That takes me to the GENUKI registration district list for that county and town. In your case, Kingstown is split between Surrey and Middlesex. First, go to the list of parishes in Kingston, Surrey and look through those. Then go to 'List of Counties' and choose Middlesex. Under Kingston it lists 3 more parishes. Then I go to the 1881 census on Ancestry and do a search on the street (Old Bridge Street) and county (Surrey - no matches, then Middlesex) and find out that there is an Old Bridge Street in Hampton Wick, Middlesex - which is one of the 3 parishes listed in Kingston, Middlesex.

Since I don't know the area, this is the way I do it, but there's probably some better way. And there's no telling if 30 years earlier the districts were drawn up the same way, but at least it gives a bunch of possibilities to try out!


Peter Goodey
02-01-2006, 8:30 AM
If the address is from a birth certificate, say, you have the district and sub-district. So look in the National Archives catalogue and, if the parish isn't explicitely stated in the body of the certificate, zero in on the possibilities from the catalogue.

For example. it looks to me as if sub-district Kingston could only be the parishes of Kingston-upon-Thames and Malden.

Note also from the catalogue that Kingston has been street indexed. Perhaps someone has access to it? [We won't demand that you go to the FRC yourself in your condition! :D :D :D ]

Don't know if this has been of any help.

Peter Goodey
02-01-2006, 8:35 AM
I've just read the original message properly :o .

I think Old Bridge Street, Kingston can only mean the parish of Kingston (or Kingston-upon-Thames to be strictly accurate). Does Ancestry accept a parish in the form "Kingston*"?

Pam Downes
02-01-2006, 10:51 AM
According to PROcat, the main piece for Kingston is HO107/1603, folios 107 to the end. Looking at various census pages, the 'parish or townshop' box sometimes says Kingston and sometimes Kingston upon Thames (no hyphens). Obviously depends how keen the enumerator was on writing :) Ditto with the 'town of' box.
As a by-the-by, in spite of birthplaces saying Kingston Surrey, Ancestry say the civil parish is Kingston upon Thames *Kent*. |banghead|
Pam Downes

Peter Goodey
02-01-2006, 11:52 AM
Kingston upon Thames *Kent*.
Ancestry continuing to live down to its reputation, I see. Still, so long as the money keeps rolling in...

Actually that bit of information is probably more help to Genevieve than all my witterings.

Colin Moretti
02-01-2006, 1:39 PM
Have you tried searching using just an initial for the christian name? I searched on and off for months for Florence Miller in 1891 without success, with all sorts of variations of place and spelling of surname; I couldn't find her anywhere. I had an instant success when I just used the initial F, there were no christian names for the family on the return at all, just the initials.

If all else fails try searching on the christian name alone without the surname (eg just Emily), with the age particularly and place of birth specifed fairly tightly in case there is a complete cock-up with the surname; it's not an impossible task to scan through the surnames to pick out possible mistranscriptions - ones that you would never imagine; I've done it successfully with Joseph and Agnes.

Good luck


Pam Downes
02-01-2006, 1:46 PM
Kingston upon Thames *Kent*.
Ancestry continuing to live down to its reputation, I see. Still, so long as the money keeps rolling in...
Actually that bit of information is probably more help to Genevieve than all my witterings.
It shouldn't be, Peter. It only matters if you specify a county as well as a town/parish, and I think most people would specify Kingston upon Thames without a county.
To further clarify my earlier comment, I meant that the Ancestry index says birthplace Kingston *Surrey*.
Pam Downes

02-01-2006, 8:43 PM
Thanks to everyone who responded - lots of useful info/tips which I will keep for future reference.

I have found Old Bridge Street in the Hampton civil parish of Middlesex. It is just on the north side of the river (it still exists today). So special thanks to the person who pointed out that not all of Kingston is in Surrey.

Unfortunately, the COOKEs are not recorded as in residence there in 1851.

I've had a quick try of some of the other suggested search techniques but no luck yet.

Maybe I should move onto some of my ancestors with less common names before my time runs out!

Thanks all

02-01-2006, 8:58 PM
Short history lesson about Old Bridge Street Kingston on Thames and Hamton Wick . These were the names of streets each side of the wooden bridge over the River Thames at Kingston. This was the first bridge over the river outside of London
My mother was born in a cottage 1910 in Old Bridge Street on birth cert Registration District KINGSTON Sub district HAMPTON / MIDDLESEX
I think the over side of river Reg Dist KINGSTON Sub Dist/SURREY