View Full Version : Thos Helder (late 1700's)

30-12-2005, 11:54 PM
Searching for more information on Thos Helder. Is there anyone out there working on Helders in Middlesex/London?

Here is the background information that I have collected to date:

1. Thos Helder. He married Jane Boylett 1815 in Bloomsbury. She was born 1794 in Winkfield, Berkshire - England and died 1883 in London, Middlesex - England, daughter of (unknown) and (unknown).

Children of Thos Helder and Jane Boylett:
i. 2. Eliza Helder was born 1830 in St. Martins, Middlesex - England.
ii. Caroline Helder was born 1824.
iii. Charlotte Helder was born 1837.
iv. James Helder was born 1833.
v. 3. Mary Helder was born 1828.
vi. Lydia Helder was born 1817.

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