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22-12-2005, 1:37 AM
Looking for any relations of Margaret Ann Whitehead of Hanley born 1807 and died feb 1888. She married A Thomas Thonger at Old Edgbaston Church in Birmingham. Im related through one of their children William Freer Thonger

30-01-2006, 9:33 PM
Sorry if this is no good have looked on ancastry only thomas and margret 1861
thomas 1810 uxbridge middlesex
margret 1808 hanley staffordshire
catherine whitehead 1798 mansby staffordshire sister-in-law
jane thonger 1842 sidmouth worcestershire
charles thonger 1842 sidmouth was not in 1881
sarah ann derricott 1822 edington says son?
agnes male 1830 servent
IN 1851 ruth thonger kidderminstaer lived with margret and thomas with two servents
1881 thomas and margret 1 south villas plymouth charles the martyr devon thomas minister catholic apestic church
sorry this is the only thomas that matched there was no william

31-01-2006, 9:54 AM
Here they are in Plymouth in the 1871 mistranscribed as THAYER:

RG10/2113, folio 71, page 17
Schedule 84, 1 South Villas, Charles, Plymouth

Thomas THONGER Head Mar 61 Houses Dividends Int of money
Middlesex Uxbridge
Margaret Ann do Wife Mar 63 the same Staffordshire Hanley
Catherine WHITEHEAD S in law Un 73 the same
Ann HORSEFIELD Serv Un 46? Servant
Ann WORTON Serv Un 29 do

And here are the family in the 1841 census of Kidderminster, Worcs:

HO107/1197/12, folio 21, page 4
Bloke brook

Thomas THONGER 30 Accountant Born in county no
Margaret do 30 no
James do 3 yes
Thomas do 1 yes
Charles do 1 month yes
Jane do 1 month yes
Catherine WHITEHEAD 40 Ind no
Ellen WEAVER 25 F.S. no
Harriet GOWER 15 do yes


03-03-2006, 5:45 AM
thanks Janet,
I know about the Thonger side , its the Whitehead side I wanted to know about.
Incidently I used to live in Endon nr Stoke before going to Australia