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01-12-2005, 10:30 PM
I have tried various searches at National Archives but cant find any trace of my gggrandfather Francis Tivey
Do you think I am right in thinking he was in the Royal Marines?

He was born c 1811 in Melbourne Derby married in Pembrokeshire in 1834

On child born Portsmouth he is a Marine
on child born 1842 Southsea he is a Corporal R M?
on 1851 census he is a Greenwich Pensioner
on sons marriage in 1859 he is pensioner R ?
on all other census he is pensioner couldnt find him on 1861
On Death cert it says Army pensioner he died of Phthisis
On wife death cert in 1885 says he is a marine

I have found it immpossible to find his birth date or parents and had hoped to find his service record to perhaps help but need help where to look please


01-12-2005, 10:55 PM
Well a lot of the information you have would suggest he was a Marine.

The problem will be locating his records at TNA (RM records aren't online).

I have a recollection that prior to sometime in the 1880's Marine records were stored in a rather haphazard manner, by division and date of discharge. There was a card index being prepared to the attestation papers in ADM157(covering 1790-1901). I don't know if this was completed, but if available it would make searching for records far more practical.

Another source to search would be the description books in ADM158, I have a note that these are arranged by date of enlistment. The description books would give his age at the time he enlisted, where he was born and a description.

The Greenwich Hosptial administered pensions for both RN and RM, records of claimants for out-pensions exist in ADM6, and payments thorugh pension offices around the country will be in WO22 from 1842.


01-12-2005, 11:59 PM
I did try the online search in the records for Greenwich pensioners but didnt find him, but I guess it would be better to go to the office and search myself, I have never been to TNA yet so guess its now about time I did..........I have been a lazy researcher so far and have been amazed at the amount you can find online but I realise the real way is to go and search, I think I have been putting it off because it seems so daunting, I must stop making excuses and go.
thanks for ref's it gives me a start


02-12-2005, 7:59 AM
TNA's research guides would be worth reading before you go.

I've just had a look and would suggest you browse them in the following order:
(looks like the card index I mentioned was never completed, but it does seem to cover a large number of pieces, so would still be worth a look)



Good luck
If you haven't been to TNA before, good advance planning as to what you want to find will help a lot. Whilst waiting for a document to arrive, have a wander around to familiarise yourself with the layout.
Good luck

02-12-2005, 8:51 PM
thanks for your help, will gen up on leaflets and after christmas plan my first visit,

04-12-2005, 1:49 AM
Hello Sandie

I have just about exactly the same situation / search as you have.

I see you are going over after Xmas.

Do you think you can carry out a search for my ancestor too while you are there ? He was a Royal Marine in the 1851 Census at Bermondsey.

If you can, I'll send you the detail. Its not a common surname.

Thanks. Bill in Melbourne.

04-12-2005, 5:33 PM
more than happy to help probably wont be till february half term but if you can hang on that long I will do my best sandie

27-01-2006, 7:40 AM
Hello Sandie

I'm hoping you are still going over to London in February.

I'm here giving you the detail of one of my Ancestors who is listed in the 1851 Census at Bermondsey Surrey, Occup ' Royal Marine '

The name is William Coxhead, born 1806 in Newport Isle of Wight.

A friend in Canada who is also researching this family has viewed the 1851 Census of Bermondsey and sent me this detail. William the 'Royal Marine ' was staying with his brother Hezekiel Coxhead 'a bootmaker '

At the same household are listed William Coxhead age 16 and Rosina Coxhead age 12. I'm trying to find out if who's children are they. I do not know if William the Royal Marine was married. Cannot find the births of these two children c1834 and c1838.

Thanks for your offer to help.

27-01-2006, 12:22 PM

still hoping to go,
haave just had a look at 1851 and William is down as unmarried and listed as an outpensioner greenwich royal marine.
the children are definately Hezikiel;s they are listed as 2 familys.........havent found him on 1861 yet but will have another look later.

21-02-2006, 10:29 PM
jut to apologise afraid due to unforseen circumstances as they say! I wasnt able to get to TNA this holiday sorry probably wont get till summer now