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    It's fascinating looking at these very mobile people and trying to work out the connections . . . not so easy when they don't go through formal marriage ceremonies, so we don't have have that bit of paper giving fathers' names, and wives are sometimes listed by their husband's surname but sometimes under their maiden name.

    I see that there's a very long thread on another forum about the Doe family:


    I haven't read all 10 pages to see if your Does are mentioned, Phil, but there are certainly references to Goliath Doe and his numerous offspring, among them Ocean Doe. (What wonderful names! I do wish I had some ancestors with names like that.)

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    Yes, it does put to shame George SMITH son of John son of John son of Richard, doesn't it! I got hooked with Romanies when helping another Forum member research her several Romany lines and it proved fascinating if very elusive. Good luck with the rest of your research, Phil, and if we can help further do not hesitate to ask.

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