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    Default British and Foreign Bible Society Bible 1869

    I have a Bible which was printed at the Oxford University Press in 1869 for the British and Foreign Bible Society. On the front cover is a circle with the words Two shillings and Six Pence, and on the outer rim British and Foreign Bible Society.

    Opposite the 'title' page there is a list of the number of books in the old and new testaments, verses, words and letters!! Don't know who did that but it does appear to be in an older person's handwriting. On the pages inside the cover and opposite, in the same handwriting, someone has written the name James Simmons twice, then James Simmons, Bristol, then James Simmons and his address. As far as I can tell it has been written by the same person but it is difficult to know if it is a 'young' or older hand.

    My great great grandfather was James Simmons (1834-1893) and he had a son James Simmons (1868-1882)and I am wondering which one this bible belonged to.

    I am wondering if the price of two shillings and six pence is a clue as to when it was purchased.

    Does anyone have any ideas please?

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    If you google for them you can find quite a bit of information.
    They seem to have been established to make bibles affordable for ordinary people to buy, so the price may be relevant.
    They are an official charity and have their own website with a contact us button.

    According to their timeline
    In the 1860s Bible Society needed to find new premises and commissioned a building on Queen Victoria Street in London. The then Prince of Wales, who was to become Edward VII, laid the foundation stone. This building was Bible Society's home for 117 years, from 1868 to 1985.

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