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Finally got them all
Well done Pam - for all that hard work you get free membership of the British-Genealogy forums

It's all very well setting these quizzes Geoffers, but you must bear in mind that some of the pay-to-view-the-census sites ain't very hot on transcriptions.

Clue - "Is he alright?" - "Yes" - "Pity"

This is where Alec Guinness gets hit on the head

Kierlaw is the name of the character played by Ernest Thesiger

Clue - Woodstock town centre at night

After Stanley Holloway and Hugh Griffiths steal a train, they are seen driving it through Woodstock town centre.

Mallingford is the name of a town in the film

Clue - Boccherini

The composer of the music repeatedly played through the film

Copenhagen Tunnel - The character played by the wonderful Katie Johnson lived in a house (a set built for the film) on top of Copenhagen Tunnel.

Connection = All produced at the Ealing Studios. (Not sure if they're all classed as Ealing comedies.)
Well they makes I larf so I calls 'em comedies.