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21-05-2006, 2:09 PM
I was wondering if anyone can help me, I am looking for Elizabeth Whiley b 1818 Friskney

Thank you

21-05-2006, 3:29 PM
I was wondering if anyone can help me, I am looking for Elizabeth Whiley b 1818 Friskney

Thank you

Was WHILEY Elizabeth's maiden or married name?

I see 5 Elizabeth WHILEYs listed in the 1841 census for Lincolnshire:
1. born about 1796 in Lincs, living in Friskney
2. b. abt 1826 in Lincs, living in Friskney
3. b. abt 1839 in Lincs, living in Gainsborough
4. b. abt 1821 in Lincs, living in Wainfleet St. Mary
5. b. abt 1836 in Lincs, living in Wainfleet St. Mary

Ages for adults were rounded down to the nearest 5 years so her birthdate would likely have been recorded as 1821. The Elizabeth WHILEY born in 1821 above is working for a farmer in 1841 as a servant. There's another WHILEY in the same household: Mary, 16 years of age, also a servant. If this looks likely, I can give you the whole transcription.

22-05-2006, 7:57 AM
Hi Trish
Whiley is Elizabeth's maiden name (I think she married John Witton/Wilton in 1842). I think the 1821 record would be her because if I have her marriage correct, she was married in Wainfleet St Mary and she had a sister Mary. I would really appreciate the whole transription and if it's not to much trouble the Elizabeth b 1796 would be helpful as well
Thank you so much

22-05-2006, 8:41 AM

Here they are:

Census: 1841: HO107/648/4 Folio 9 Page 9
Address:Wainfleet St. Mary, Lincolnshire
-- Nathaniel FOSTER 45 Farmer Y [for born in same county]
-- Mary - Do - 50 Y
-- Edward HOMES 22 MS [= Male Servant] Y
-- William RENOLDS 18 MS Y
-- Isaac CHEFFINS 15 MS Y
-- Mary WHILEY 16 FS [= Female Servant] Y
-- Elizabeth WHILEY 20 FS Y

Census: 1841: HO107/Folio 8 Page 10
Address: Friskney, Lincolnshire
-- Richard WHILEY 45 Farmer Y
-- Elizabeth Do 45 Y
-- George Harris Do 20 Y
-- Mellicent [sic] Do 13 Y
-- Martha Do 11 Y
-- Ann Do 8 Y
-- John Do 6 Y
-- Abraham Do 5 Y
-- Richard Do 2 Y

Do they look promising?


22-05-2006, 9:26 AM
Yes Trish, they do, thank you very much


Geoff Everitt
22-05-2006, 1:54 PM
You need to be careful!

John WITTON (son of John) married Elizabeth WHILEY (dau of William) 15 May 1842 at Wainfleet St Mary

Contained in a transcription

There was an Elizabeth WHILEY (dau of William and Betsey) bap at Friskney in 1818.

Elizabeth (dau of Richard and Elizabeth) was bap Friskney 1823

22-05-2006, 2:33 PM
Fiona and Geoff,

The Elizabeth WHILEY listed as born about 1826 in the 1841 census could be the daughter of Richard and Elizabeth. This is a full transcription for her:

Census: 1841: HO107/633/14 Folio 28 Page 3
Address: Heddecks?, Friskney, Lincolnshire
-- Thomas WHARVE 25 Shopkeeper Y [for born in same county]
-- Mary do 36 Y
-- David do 5 Y
-- Susan do 3 Y
-- Peter do 2 Y
-- Elizabeth WHILEY 15 [no occupation given] [Y]

If the age of the Elizabeth born in 1823 was rounded down, it may have been recorded as 15 in the census.


22-05-2006, 2:40 PM

Based on the information from Geoff, I did a search for Betsy/Betsey WHILEY in the 1841 census. The following may be an important entry for you:

Census: 1841: HO107/633/14 Folio 40 Page 2
Address: Fold [or F.old Hill], Friskney, Lincolnshire
-- Betsey WHILEY 60 Publican Y [for born in same county]
-- John WHILEY 25 Brewer Y
-- Sarah do 35 Y
-- Joseph do 6 Y
-- Maria 1 Y


22-05-2006, 2:46 PM
Lastly, a Betsy WHILEY in 1851:

Census: 1851: HO107/2099 Folio 240 Page 35
Address: Fountain Lane, Boston, Lincolnshire
-- Elizabeth WILLIAMSON Head Wid 63 Nurse born Lincoln Boston
-- Elizabeth CALF Niece Wid 31 Charwoman born Do Skirbeck
-- Elizabeth Do do 1? [age obscured] born Do Boston
-- Betsy WHILEY Visitor Wid 70 born Do Frieston [sic]


23-05-2006, 10:36 AM
Thank you all so much....this information helps me immensely