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Blogging on B-G is good!

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I really wasn't sure about this new-fangled look to our beloved Brit-Gen. I had some difficulty getting in here because of the upgrade and it was quite a shock when I did arrive and discovered that it was so, so......pale. Now I am aclimatising or as my lovely American soul sister says aclimating and as I find that some things haven't changed while other things are now a paler blue I am beginning to like this here new upgrade.

I love to blog, I have several blogs for different hobbies in different parts of this here intarwebby and now I can blog on B-G - my idea of heaven.
In future my entries will restrict themselves to my family history research because that is what B-G is all about. I will then encourage my relatives to visit to see any updates....

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  1. Zenith's Avatar
    I completely agree with you!
    I've always believed that you should only blog if you have something useful or interesting to listen to. Everyone here is interested in the same thing, so blog away! :)
  2. Rove's Avatar
    Yeah !

    I love Blogs too. Have about 7 or 8 in Google Blogspot plus others.

    I take good daily care of the lot. So, if I can contribute to a topic, I'm ready to go.
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