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    The names of Blackadder, Darling, Lieutenant George and Baldrick will be familiar to people nationwide thanks to the BBC’s Blackadder series. But they may be surprised to learn that the characters, originally invented by Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson, really did exist. Specialist military genealogy website Forces War Records has the proof.

    To mark ...
  2. How good are you at finding things?

    This article first appeared in the Gwent FHS Journal for June 2014. It is reproduced here with the consent of the Editor of that Journal and the author of the article

    How good are you at finding things on this here intarwebby? Really? I am useless, absolutely useless. I have lost count of the number of times I have typed a name into a search engine, clicked on the button and thenů. Well, one of two things happens.

    1. I get no hits at all
    2. I get thousands of ...
  3. Serendipity in family history research

    One of the things I think has been the greatest help to my research has been membership of family history societies, mailing lists and this forum.
    After I received the information about John and Sarah Nathan living on London Road Southwark - remember that the 1881 census was the only one transcribed at this time and there was very little on this here intarwebby thing - I went to London with a coach trip organised by the local FH Society. The BMD indexes were held in St Catherine's House (that's ...
  4. Those Darned Actors!

    "See if you can find those darned actors" was one of the things my Dad said when he handed me the files with his research. So I did. First you must remember that this happened before there were such things as FreeBMD or Findmypast. In fact the 1881 census was still in the final stages of being checked and transferred to microfiche before being released. We did have the IGI on fiche - so nothing is easy at this time.
    I started by reading everything he had and then talking to Muriel's ...
    Family History
  5. Hodgepodge of ancestry

    I am a mutt genealogically speaking. Though I subscribe to the belief in canine's, mutt's are sometimes the best, prettiest, and healthiest of the animal, I am not so sure about the human correlation. I am a rather proud mutt, but my family history is a varied mixture of heritage that makes me envy those who can trace their trees back 400 or more years. I can tell you with all honesty, I will never be able to do that. Nonetheless, what I have found has been astounding.

    My paternal ...
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