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  1. Learning the Ropes

    I am passionate about genealogy. Some may say addicted. I don't mind, I just continue to do my own thing, and ignore the comments, raised eyebrows, and total lack of interest by my friends and families. They just don't know what they are missing.

    I have searched for my English ancestors in the past, but to be honest, there wasn't alot of records, and it was, well, hard. I mean, why try and locate someone that wasn't easily accessible, when I have all these folks to research in the ...
  2. Blogging on B-G is good!

    I really wasn't sure about this new-fangled look to our beloved Brit-Gen. I had some difficulty getting in here because of the upgrade and it was quite a shock when I did arrive and discovered that it was so, so......pale. Now I am aclimatising or as my lovely American soul sister says aclimating and as I find that some things haven't changed while other things are now a paler blue I am beginning to like this here new upgrade.

    I love to blog, I have several blogs for different hobbies ...
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