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  1. Heather Barford's Avatar
    Would the person who wanted information about the Pickering and Featherstone family in Australia contact me. I have a lot of information that might just surprise them.
  2. suejmacs's Avatar
    Hi, My first time on British Genealogy. I came across site couple of days ago and at that time read a query from someone regarding Frances Garty (nee Ethersey). I have a copy of Ethersey family history that was written in an old school exercise book, which reads :
    Children of Richard Ethersey
    Frances, born at Ipswich, March 31, 1803, deceased 22nd June, 1844 at Madras.
    She married John Garty, who was born 1800 and deceased at Sydney, NSW 3rd April, 1874.
    I hope this is some help to fellow Ethersey reseachers. suejmacs
  3. shewhoseeks's Avatar
    Lovely tell me what is a paste sandwich? We don't have them over here.
  4. sue2white's Avatar
    Can't wait for the next bit!!
    I remember my grandmother telling me stories about her father - yet to be proved - and about my grandad's family - untrue!
  5. Barbara Wilkinson's Avatar
    Waiting for the next installment - with bated breath ....!!
  6. tullamore's Avatar
    Tell us more please
  7. 's Avatar
    Go on then...(or are you keeping it for your book?)
  8. Rove's Avatar
    Yeah !

    I love Blogs too. Have about 7 or 8 in Google Blogspot plus others.

    I take good daily care of the lot. So, if I can contribute to a topic, I'm ready to go.
  9. pipsqueak's Avatar
    Ooh, how interesting! This is really nicely written, Ladkyis and I can just imagine cousin Bernard trying to cut a pickled onion with a knife and fork!
  10. Zenith's Avatar
    I completely agree with you!
    I've always believed that you should only blog if you have something useful or interesting to listen to. Everyone here is interested in the same thing, so blog away! :)
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