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Chris Bass
16-10-2005, 1:28 PM
Hi, my Grandfather was Edwin Carpenter, he was born in Kings Lynn and the only Edwin I can find is Edwin Charles b. Mar 1890, which I presume is him. I am told he was brought up with his cousin Lily (so I assume either his or Lily's parents died young). I remember staying with Lily in Lynn when I was young, (she had a daughter Susanne and her partner was Ernest). I know nothing else about the family history.
Edwin was in the RAF in World War 1 and invalided out at the end of the war, he was sent to Royston in Cambridgeshire to recover, and there meet my grandmother Winifred Keen. They married and moved back to Lynn, but by the time my mother was born (1924) they were living in Cambridge.
If anyone can help trace his family or at least give me a start I would be grateful.

16-10-2005, 1:45 PM
Hi, my Grandfather was Edwin Carpenter, he was born in Kings Lynn and the only Edwin I can find is Edwin Charles b. Mar 1890, which I presume is him
Hello and welcome to the Norfolk forums.

First off, do you have your grandfather's marriage certificate and/or death certificate?

Depending on when he died, his death certificate will either give an age from which a year of birth can be estimated; or his full date of birth. Using these will help to narrow down finding his birth and also looking for him on the 1901 census.

Edwin CARPENTER's marriage certificate is the most important document to obtain. This will give an age at marriage and should record his father's name and occupation. This will again help you to identify the family on the 1901 census. If you are not sure how to seach for and obtain copies of marriage certificates, please ask.


16-10-2005, 1:50 PM
Part 2.....

If it is your chap who was born at Lynn in 1890, he should also appear on the 1891 census. A surname index exists to the 1891 Norfolk census on Paddy Apling's web-site

There are CARPENTER entries for Lynn on the following pages of the site
If you don't have access to the 1891 census, free lookups are provided by the indexers on Paddy Apling's site. The indexer's name appears near the top of each page. Include the reference given in any request.


16-10-2005, 2:07 PM
Part 3....

I am told he was brought up with his cousin LilyDo you know Lily's surname and roughly when she was born?

Kelly's 1908 Directory shows two Carpenter entris for Lynn:
Albert in Church Lane; and Fredk J in High Street.

Fredk J is shown as trading under the name 'Laws & Co' brewers and maltsters, etc & Chevalier Brewery, Church Lane.


16-10-2005, 2:18 PM
Part 4.....

Looking at the 1881 census, there are two Carpenter entries for Lynn

RG11/2000 f84 p21
S Everard Street, South Lynn
Frederick J. CARPENTER, hd, mar, 43, Brewer, bn Lynn
Stella Carpenter, wf, mar, 42, bn Waltham, Berks
Agnes F Carpenter, dau, unm, 17, bn Lynn
Alice A Carpenter, dau, unm, 13, bn Lynn
Albert L Carpenter, son, 9, scholar, bn Lynn
Mary Carpenter, Sister-in-Law, mar, 48, bn Lynn
Robert L Carpenter, Brother, 47, bn Lynn
Hannah SKIPPER, servt, unm, 14, dom.servt, bn Castleacre


16-10-2005, 2:25 PM
Part 5......

and next door to Frederick is......

RG11/2000 f84 p21
S Everard St, South Lynn
Ann CARPENTER, hd, wid, 73, bn Thornham
Julia Craven, gdaur, unm, 21, bn Thornham
Robert Craven, gson, unm, 19, clerk in a brewery, bn Thornham
Ellen Craven, gdaur, unm, 16, bn Thornham

so, I got to wondering if Lily's surname might be Craven. It's probably coincidence, but the 1901 census index shows a Lily Craven, aged 18 as born in Lynn and living in Clee, Lincs.


Chris Bass
16-10-2005, 4:41 PM
Hi , Thanks for all the info you have supplied, I have some checking to do now. I had found a marriage for a Edwin Henry Carpenter in Kings Lynn in Mar 1889 and wondered if this was my Edwin's father, but neither of the Carpenters you have found list an Edwin.
Well at least I now have several leads.
Many thanks

Chris Bass
16-10-2005, 4:45 PM
Hi, sorry this is a PS, not sure about Lily but from recollection she was about the same age as my Grandfather.

16-10-2005, 6:17 PM
I think I have your Edwin in the 1891 census, living with his mother Sarah (nee Ollet)who is married, but her husband is not at home on census night. Also in house are grandparents, aunts & uncles & a newborn brother (unnamed).
If you send me a private message I will send you the link so you can see the page.

16-10-2005, 7:42 PM
Hi Chris
Hope you have got the link by now. Looks like Lilly Victoria Ollett is not Edwin jnr's cousin, she is his aunt, but is only 6 years older than him. Found the Olletts in the 1901 census, but the Carpenters are not with them. Lilly was a music teacher in 1901.

Chris Bass
12-08-2008, 11:12 AM
It took quite a while to sort out but I have now found out that Edwin Henry (my Edwin's father) died in 1891 and that his wife, Sarah, remarried and changed my grandfather's surname to Foster. She married Edward Foster in 1891. Don't know if the name change was done legally or just used because she remarried, but they are listed in the 1901 census. Edwin must have changed back to his original surname - presumably when he was older - as his war record has Carpenter and he married Gran as a Carpenter.
Also discovered that Edwin Henry was born in London


12-08-2008, 11:25 AM
Wow Chris,

Well done. Took quite a time indeed.