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mary elms
30-09-2005, 1:31 AM
'Who's Who in Methodsism 1933' contains details of ministers and lay office holders who were active a year after the Weslyan, United, Primitive & Irish Methodist Churches united to form The Methodist Church in 1932. It was published by the Methodist Times & Leader (Methodist Publications Ltd).

An index of ministers can be found at the Methodist Archives and Research Centre -


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This thread is an index of the lay officers in the book. I will add to it as I complete each alphabetical section.

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mary elms
30-09-2005, 1:32 AM
ABBEY Frank, ABBOTT Edgar William Barnett, ABBOTT William, ABSALOM Christopher,

ACKROYD Thomas Raven,

ADAMS Brittain, ADAMS Edwin, ADAMS Ernest, ADAMS George, ADAMS John, ADAMS Leslie James, ADCOCK Frank Ezra, ADCOCK Leonard Hedley, ADDERSLEY Cyril John, ADSHEAD Jerrold,

AGAR Sir Francis, AGAR Mrs N (Eliza Annie),

AINGER Henry, AINSWORTH Frederick James, AIREY Sir Edwin, AITKEN James H S,

ALBON-CROUCH William, ALCOCK Henry William, ALCOCK Herbert, ALCOCK Herbert James, ALCOCK John Edward, ALCOCK John Simpson, ALDAM John William, ALDERSLEY George, ALDERTON Percy, ALEXANDER Andrew Bennet, ALEXANDER Alexander Knight, ALLAN John Thomas, ALLEN Edith, ALLEN Sir Robert Wliberforce, ALLEN Victor Charles, ALLEN W H, ALLENBY Sewell, ALLERTON Willie, ALLINSON Charles Henry, ALLISON Sister Doris, ALLRED William, ALLSOPP Benjamin, ALLSOPP Cecil Benjamin, ALLSOPP Herbert Leslie, ALMOND Joseph, ALSFORD Mrs Alice Mary, ALTON Albert Arthur,

AMMON Ada Mary, AMMON Charles George, AMOS Albert Alfred, AMOS Joseph, AMSDEN Benjamin, AMYS Harold Stanley,

ANDERSON Albert Edgar, ANDERSON Albert J F W, ANDERSON Albert Wesley, ANDERSON Charles C, ANDERSON John, ANDERSON Rt Hon Sir Robert Newton, ANDERSON Lady (Lydia Elizabeth), ANDERSON Robert, ANDREW James Henry, ANDREWS Elsie, ANGELBECK Edward James, ANNAKIN Richard, ANNIS Ernest George, ANGLOW Harry R, ANSTEY Sister Edith Catherine Knight, ANSTEY Engineer Rear Admiral William John,

APPELANIZ D Victorino, APPELBE Ambrose Erle, APPLETON Alexander N B, APPLETON John William, APPLEYARD William Arthur, APPLEYARD William Lee, APPS William John,

mary elms
30-09-2005, 2:26 AM
ARCHER William, ARCHER William Henry, ARMISTEAD John Hotham, ARMITAGE Percy, ARMITAGE William, ARMSTRONG George, ARMSTRONG James, ARMSTRONG Percy, ARMSTRONG Robert James, ARNOLD Clifford, ARNOLD Jessie Spray, ARNOLD Llewellyn, ARNOLD-BAKER Thomas, ARROWSMITH Henry Thomas, ARTHUR Francis,

ASHBURNER Banks, ASHBY Frederick James, ASHBY Ruby Constance, ASHBY William Thomas, ASHELFORD Thomas Henry, ASHFIELD J Thomas, ASHWELL Frederick Foster, ASHWORTH Fanny, ASKEW Norman, ASSER George, ASTON Gerald James, ASTON William,

ATCHESON David James, ATKINS Harold, ATKINSON Alfred, ATKINSON Charles Joshua Fearnside, ATKINSON Edgar, ATKINSON George ATKINSON Henry, ATKINSON John William, ATKINSON Thomas,

AUGHTON Richard, AULT Frank Percy, AULT Harry Kenneth, AULT Wilfred Beaumont, AUSTEN Edmund, AUSTEN John, AUSTIN George Percival, AUSTIN Josiah,

AVERY Charles Thomas, AVERY John Rowland,

AYERS Walter James, AYLATT Harold, AYLES Sister Frances, AYRES Reginald Percy,

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mary elms
30-09-2005, 2:33 AM
BABIDGE Augusta Annie, BAGGOTT Samuel, BAGNALL Mrs E J T (Lydia Mary), BAGNALL T St John, BAILEY Albert James, BAILEY James, BAILEY Ronald James, BAILEY Wilfred, BAIN Sir Albert Ernest, BAIN Albert Wellesley, BAINBRIDGE Cuthbert, BAINBRIDGE Francis Frederick, BAINBRIDGE Isaac Crosby, BAINBRIDGE Robert, BAINES Thomas Taylor, BAINES William Friskney,

BAKER George Aaron, BAKER John Kirk, BAKER John Shepherd, BAKER Sydney Moncrieff, BAKER Thomas Samuel, BALDESTON Thomas, BALDWIN Mrs A, BALL Edward Roland, BALL George William, BALL Sydney, BALL Thomas, BALLS James William, BANBURY John William, BANFIELD Albert Ernest, BANFIELD Francis Harold, BANHAM Henry, BANKS Albert, BANKS Edward Richard, BANKS Edward William, BANKS John, BANKS William, BANKS William Arthur, BANNISTER Frank Ewart, BANNISTER Henry Marshall,

BARBER Arthur Pond, BARBER Edward Gethyn, BARBER George Herbert, BARBER Herbert, BARBER William Henry, BARBER Willie, BARFIELD Harold, BARKBY Mrs J T (Maggie Ann), BARKER Bertram Johns, BARKER Charles Joseph, BARKER James William, BARKER John, BARKER John T, BARKER Capt Joseph Meek Wilton, BARKER Kenneth, BARKER Leslie James, BARKER Noah James, BARKER Robert Charles, BARKER Sydney, BARKER William, BARKLA John William, BARLOW Edgar, BARLOW Sir Thomas, BARLOW William,

BARNABY Herbert, BARNACLE Arthur Hough, BARNES Jobez, BARNES James Haydn, BARNES John, BARNES Percy, BARNES Thomas Edwin, BARNS Charles Newcombe, BARNSHAW James, BARNSLEY Donald Gordon, BARON John Washington, BARR Mrs Frances Elizabeth, BARRACLOUGH Herbert, BARRACLOUGH John Ashworth, BARRACLOUGH Oswald, BARRACLOUGH Samuel, BARRAN Gladys Panton, BARRAND Arthur Rhys, BARRAS Mrs Ellen R C, BARRATT Sir Frances Layland Bart, BARRATT Thomas Ernest Chester, BARRON Sister Elizabeth, BARRON Nevillie Hamilton, BARROW Joseph Henry, BARTER William Arnold, BARTLETT James Elijah, BARTLETT Walter James, BARWOOD Louis George,

BASKERVILLE Harry, BASKIN William Haughton, BASTIN Albert George, BASTIN Albert William, BATE Alfred George, BATES James Beeton, BATES John, BATESON Harry, BATESON Mrs J H (Rose), BATEY Joseph, BATTERSBY John, BATTERSBY Thomas, BATTERSHILL Frank Easton, BATTY Albert, BATTY George Ferens, BATTY William, BATTY William Arnold, BAXTER Johnston Peter, BAYLEY James, BAYLIS Sidney,

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mary elms
02-10-2005, 3:56 PM
BEACH Thomas Edgar, BEAL Luther Henry, BEAL, William James, BEARDSLEY Harold Ewart, BEARDWELL Charles Garrett, BEASLEY Walter, BEATTIE George Wilson, BEATIE Mrs G W (Mary Ann), BEAVAN William, BECK Frank Harold, BECKETT George Francis, BECKLY John Henry, BEDFORD Fred, BEDWELL Arthur, BEECROFT Edward R, BEECROFT Frederic, BEER Flora, BEER William Henry, BEESTON Graham Reginald, BEEVERS Cyril, BEEVERS Thomas William, BELCHER John, BELCHER Stanley Philip Lyne, BELL James, BELL John, BELL Thomas William, BELL Walter Wakefield, BELL William, BELL William Dean, BELL William Richard, BELL William Skelton, BELLERBY Prof. John Rutherford, BELLERBY Nathan, BELLERBY William, BELLMAN Sir Harold, BELLWOOD Charles Robson, BELTON John Charles,

BENFORD Thomas, BENISTON Nellie Shaw, BENJAFIELD Walter Ernest, BENNETT Sir Frances Sowerby, BENNETT Mrs F (Emma Upton), BENNETT Frederick, BENNETT Herbert Vivian, BENNETT James, BENNETT John Rose, BENNETT Thomas Joseph, BENNETT William, BENNINGTON John Thomas, BENNEY Mrs Norah, BENNY William Henry, BENSON Harry, BENSTEAD Alfred Sydney, BENT Edward Percy, BENT Thomas, BENTLEY Edmund, BENTON Charles Henry, BENTON Edward R, BENTON Horace, BENYON George Edward,

BERISFORD Henry, BERNARD James, BERRESFORD Sam, BERRY John Edward, BERRY John William, BERRY Paul, BERRY Stanley, BERRY Sir Walter Wheeler, BEST Alfred Jonathan, BESWICK Frank, BESWICK John, BETTS Robert Frederick, BEVERS Frank, BEVES Ernerst George, BEYNON Frederick Charles,

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mary elms
02-10-2005, 4:27 PM
BIBBY Mrs J (Florence A), BICKERTON George Griffin, BIDDICK James Stanley, BIELBY Maw, BIGGS John R, BILLINGTON Frederick George, BILLINGTON John, BILSBY Herbert, BINGHAM Frank, BINGHAM William, BINGLEY John Thomas, BINKS John Charles, BINNS Joseph Frederick William, BIRCH Charles, BIRCH Mrs C (Florence), BIRCHFIELD John Walter, BIRD Arthur Henry, BIRD Sir Charles Hayward, BIRD Thomas Joseph Edward, BIRKETT William Norman, BIRKS Walter Henry, BIRTLEY John Thomas, BIRTWISTLE Thomas Ernest, BIRTWISTLE Joseph, BISSEKER Henry, BISSEKER Tilden John,

BLACK Sir Arthur William, BLACK James, BLACK Walter Hatton, BLACK William, BLACK William Charles, BLACKBURN Gilbert Greenfield, BLACKMORE Richard Baker, BLACKWELL Thomas, BLAKER George Robert, BLAKEY Jesse, BLAND Thomas Peat, BLATHERWICK Richard Pursey, BLEE E Lindsay, BLENKIN Eric, BLENKINSOP Alfred, BLINCOWE Frederick William, BLINDELL James, BLIGHT Edwin James, BLIGHT William, BLOOMFIELD Frederick John, BLOOMFIELD George Arthur, BLOOMFIELD George William, BLUMER Thomas Rickaby, BLUNDELL John,

BOARDSMAN James Harold, BOASE Frederick George, BODKER Percy William, BODKER Robert Charles, BODYMORE Sister Linda, BOLSHAW George Edward, BOLT Louie, BOLT Reginald Dingley, BOLTON Frank, BOLTON Henry Arthur, BOLTON John William, BOLTON William Henry, BOLTZ James Musgrave, BONAS Francis John, BONAS Winifred Francis, BOND William Frederick, BONE Prof William Arthur, BOOKER John Henry, BOORMAN James, BOOTH Alvah, BOOTH Frederick Charles, BOOTH Marjory, BOOTH Robert Cecil, BOOTH Thomas Allison, BOOTHBY James, BOSHER Thomas, BOSOMWORTH Robinson, BOSWORTH Charles J W, BOUGHEY John, BOURKE Charles Edward, BOURNE Hugh, BOURNE Moses, BOVEY Edward Palk, BOWELL John Wesley, BOWEN Arthur, BOWES Annie, BOWES Proctor Edwin, BOWES Thomas, BOWLES Noah, BOWN John Henry, BOWN Robert, BOWRAN William Norman, BOWSKIN Walter Hineson, BOWYER Herbert Henry, BOWYER James, BOYCE George Athol, BOZEAT Arthur Clifford,

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mary elms
02-10-2005, 10:00 PM
BRACKENBURY Sir Henry Britten, BRADBURY Prof Fred, BRADBURY William, BRADFIELD Mrs (Annie Mary), BRADFORD Theophilus Stanley, BRADLEY Alfred Thomas, BRADLEY Henry Edgar, BRADLEY John, BRADLEY William Ewart, BRADSHAW David Bigham, BRADSHAW John Burgess, BRADSHAW Laurence John, BRADSHAW Martin Henry, BRAIMBRIDGE Arthur Robert, BRAITHWAITE Marian, BRANFORD George Richard, BRANWELL Hugh, BRASS John George Beadle, BRATBY Joseph Arthur, BRAY John Edward, BRAY Walter, BRAY Walter Reginald, BRAY William John, BRAZIER Miss M,

BREARLEY Joe, BREARS Charles Frederick, BRENCH George Robinson, BRENNAN Edward Eland, BRETT George, BRETT Sidney Reed, BRETTLE Leslie, BRIDGE Mrs T H (Annie Louisa), BRIDGE Frank Alexander, BRIDGE Joseph, BRIDGER Henry, BRIDGER Hubert, BRIDGWATER John Percival, BRIDGWATER Harry England, BRIERLEY Ben, BRIERLEY Walter, BRIGGS Arthur John, BRIGGS William Arthur, BRIGHAM Bernard Harry, BRIGHTMAN Alfred, BRIGHTMAN Ernest, BRIGHTON Benjamin Ebeneazer, BRIGHTON Robert William, BRIMSON Albert William, BRINDLEY Thomas Padgham, BRITAIN Frank, BRITAIN George Alexander, BRITTEN Charles Douglas, BRITTEN Charles Herbert,

BROADBENT Albert Robinson, BROADBENT James William, BROADBENT Pharaoh, BROADBENT Thomas Ratcliffe, BROADBENT William Henry, BROADBENT William Keighley Benedict, BROCK John Letheren, BROCK William, BROCKHOUSE Frank, BROCKLEHURST Edward, BROODBANK Arthur Frederick Francis, BROOK Herbert, BROOKE John William, BROOKES William, BROOKS James Stewart, BROOKS Mrs J B (Jennie), BROOKS John Chadwick, BROOKS Wilfred Richard Bowman, BROOMHALL Charles Henry, BROOMHALL Marshall, BROOMHEAD Samuel, BROMLEY Robert, BROTHERHOOD Arthur Annie, BROTHERHOOD Oliver, BROUGH Edward, BROUGH George,

BROWN Alan Plowman, BROWN Allan, BROWN Arthur Henry, BROWN Edwin, BROWN Dean Hollamby, BROWN Bt-Col Donald, BROWN Doris Enid, BROWN Edward Hazard, BROWN E L Gwendoline, BROWN Frederick George William, BROWN Isabella, BROWN Maj James Parry, BROWN John Henry, BROWN Robert William, BROWN Tom, BROWN William, BROWN William George, BROWNE Arthur Gridley, BROWNHILL William Davies, BROWNING Arthur Robert, BROWNING Sister Dorothy, BROWNING Ernest, BROWNSCOMBE Alfred, BROWNSCOMBE Mrs A (Ellen Hilton),

BRUCE William, BRUNT John Daintry, BRUNT Matthew, BRUNYATE Christina Elizabeth, BRYANS John, BRYANT Ernest Gower, BRYANT Henry Norman Beecher, BRYANT Herbert Edward, BRYANT Robert Walter,

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mary elms
03-10-2005, 11:41 AM
BUCK Thomas Owen, BUCKINGHAM Thomas, BUCKINGHAM William Thorne, BUCKLEY Arthur, BUCKLEY Fred Howard, BUCKLEY Matilda Lees, BUFFETT Thomas, BULL Arch Amos, BULL Herbert John Mainprize, BULL William Annison, BULL William G R, BULLOCK George, BULMER Henry, BUNDOCK Ernest Henry, BUNKER Bertie, BUNT George Frederick,

BURCHELL Walter John, BURCOMBE William George, BURDEN Allan Claude, BURDEN Sister Edith Nellie, BURDITT Ronald, BURGESS Albert Whitfield Stone, BURGESS James, BURGESS Robert Bryant, BURGESS Richard Thomas, BURGIN Edward Leslie, BURLEY Percy Clement, BURNAND Richard John, BURNETT Alfred Christopher, BURNETT Richard George, BURNS George Parkinson, BURR William Alfred, BURROUGHS Sister Alice M, BURROW Edwin, BURROWS Hubert Lionel, BURROWS James, BURSTON, James, BURT Thomas Stafford, BURTON Arthur, BURTON Frederick, BURTON John Duckles, BURTON Thomas,

BUSBRIDGE Christopher Eghert George, BUSH George Frederick, BUSS Frederick Harold, BUTCHER Thomas Robert Peel, BUTLER Edwin George Gover, BUTLER Phineas, BUTLER Thomas Howard, BUTLER Mrs T H (Rosa Kate), BUTT Frank Alford, BUTT Samuel Alford, BUTTERFIELD William Arthur, BUTTERWORTH Arthur Collinge, BUTTERWORTH Benjamin, BUTTON Joseph B, BUTTON Robert Arthur, BUXTON John,

BYARD Joseph, BYASS John, BYGOTT Christopher Ernest, BYGOTT Joseph Nettleton, BYROM Arthur, BYROM George Frederick, BYROM Margaret Emily, BYRT Ernest William, BYRT William Henry,


mary elms
03-10-2005, 1:06 PM
CADBURY Richard, CADE George Arthur, CAIRNS David, CALLARD Ernest James, CALLARD Frank, CALVERLEY Jennie, CALVERT Albert Ellis, CAMP Llewellyn Edgar, CANN Herbert James, CAMPBELL Hewson, CAMPBELL James Gowland, CANNELL William George, CANSDALE William Arthur, CANTER James, CAPE Charles Trevellick, CAPE John Moordaff, CARDER Thomas Herbert, CAREY James Duncan, CARKEEK Annie, CARKEEK Sir Arthur, CARLILL Harry, CARPENTER Gerald Louis, CARR Francis John, CARR Capt Ralph, CARR Ralph Sampson, CARR Rutter, CARR William, CARRICK David, Carrier Elsie Haydon, CARRINGTON Tom, CARTER Annie, CARTER Edward, CARTER Edward Tom, CARTER Ernest, CARTER Isaac H, CARTER William Frederick, CARTLEDGE Marjorie Frances, CARTWRIGHT David James, CASE Frank, CASEY Thomas Worrall, CASH Albert James, CASTLE Edmund Pratt, CASTLE Richard, CAVE Thomas, CAWDY F Charles,

CHAD Jesse Rolstone, CHADWICK Arthur, CHADWICK Harry, CHADWICK Ivan, CHADWICK James, CHALLENGER Prof Frederick, CHAMBERLAIN Albert Edward, CHAMBERLAIN Arthur Charles, CHAMBERLAIN Ernest Harold, CHAMBERS Jabez, CHANDLER Frederick John, CHANDLER Wesley Davis, CHANDLER William, CHANNON Henry James, CHAPMAN Frederick Thomas, CHAPMAN Herry Garfield, CHAPMAN Henry, CHAPMAN James Harry, CHAPMAN Osmund Harry, CHAPMAN Thomas Sarjanston, CHAPMAN Thomas Watts, CHAPMAN T W, CHAPMAN Vera, CHAPMAN William Matthew, CHAPPELL Francis Albert, CHAPPELL Samuel Clare, CHAPPLE Alfred Cory, CHAPPLE Cyril E, CHARLESWORTH Harold, CHARLTON Sylvia Joyce, CHARLTON Thomas William, CHARNLEY John, CHATTERTON Arthur Joseph,

CHEADLE Frank, CHEESERIGHT John Henry, CHESTER Arthur, CHESTER Harold Guylee, CHESTER John Ulrich, CHESTERSON Thomas, CHETWOOD Mrs H (Harriet), CHIDZEY Albert Edward, CHILDE Ernest, CHILDS Francis Charles, CHING George Thomas, CHING William Henry, CHIPPENDALE Amos, CHISHOLM Gavin Douglas, CHISLETT Florence E, CHOATE John Stewart, CHOATE Matthew Francis Stephen, CHOPE Walter Henry, CHORLEY Frank, CHRISTIAN Robert Arthur, CHRISTIEN Madeleine, CHURCH Sidney George, CHURCHILL Joseph Rockett,


mary elms
11-10-2005, 11:43 AM
CIRKET Samuel George, CLACK Ronald Raymond Percival, CLAGUE John Baxter, CLARIDGE William Joseph, CLARK Charles Martin, CLARK Edward, CLARK Edwin Augustus, CLARK Frederick Richard, CLARK George Douglas, CLARK Sister Gladys, CLARK Henry, CLARK Sister Irene Mary, CLARK Capt John William, CLARK Maurice, CLARK Reginald Frank, CLARK Thomas Rubython, CLARKE Alfred, CLARKE Charles Albert, CLARKE Daniel, CLARKE John, CLARKE Norman Frederick, CLARKE Thomas Wareing, CLARKE William, CLARKSON Marmaduke, CLARKSON Thomas Henry, CLAYTON Alfred John, CLAYTON Henry Stoker, CLEAVER Arthur Linton, CLEGG Arthur, CLEGG Mrs A (Phoebe Sarah Helen), CLEGG George, CLEGG Russell, CLEGG William Ernest, CLEGG Mrs W E (Adeline Annie), CLEMESS John Matthew, CLEMINSON Charles Lionel Osburn, CLIFFE John Thomas, CLIFT John Wesley, CLIFT Richard, CLOUGH Sir Robert, CLOUGH William, CLOUTING Arthur Lewis, CLUTTERBUCK Ernest Raymond,

COAD J Robertson, COATES John Proctor, COATES John Robson, COATES William, COATES William Hutchinson, COCK Arthur Willie, COCK John, COCKER James, COCKER Ralph, COCKERAM A Winter, CODLING Arthur, CODLING William Richard, COE Miss D A, COGGER Henry, COLBECK Henry, COLCOUGH Wilmot, COLE Francis John, COLE Frederick Vincent, COLE Maurice, COLE Mrs M (Doris Mary), COLE Sydney Arthur, COLEMAN Edward, COLEMAN Col George Henry, COLEMAN James, COLEMAN Sister Maud, COLEMAN Walter William, COLEMAN William James, COLESHILL Mrs J W (Hettie), COLEY Hilda Maud, COLGROVE John, COLLEN David, COLLEY Bernard, COLIHOLE William Arthur Friend, COLLINS Charles Henry, COLLINS Ernest Alfred, COLLINS George, COLLINS William Cook, COLLINSON Albert Marsden, COLLINSON William,

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mary elms
11-10-2005, 11:44 AM
COMBEN Walter A, COMFORT Mrs J A (Elizabeth), COMLEY Lander Elvin, COMPSTON Edmund Leach, CONNON Charles James, COOK Mrs Vallance (Alice Isabel), COOK Charles Frederick, COOK Daniel, COOK Ernest A, COOK Francis Swinnerton, COOK Frank, Cook Sister Gladys Millicent, COOK Harry, COOK William Arthur, COOKE Adah Bessie, COOKE Alfred Eardley, COOKE Arthur E, COOKE Douglas Edgar, COOKE James Humphries, COOKE Ralph Thompson, COOKE Sister Winifred M, COOMBS Sister Gertrude A, COOMBS Joseph, COOMBS Joseph William, COOMBS Kathleen May, COOMER Clement Walton, COOMER Duncan, COOPER Alfred Benjamin, COOPER Charles, COOPER George Charles, COOPER Gerald Victor Hill, COOPER Henry, COOPER Louisa Theobold, COOPER Ralph, COOPER Richard Walley, COOPER William George, COPLEY Ernest, COPP Samuel Ernest, CORBY James, CORLETT Robert, CORNEW William Hunt, CORNICH William George F, CORSTON Wesley, COSTAIN Alfred,COSTAIN Richard Arthur, COTTERILL Arthur William, COTTERILL Lyndon Frederick Henry, COTTINGHAM George Edward, COTTON Ernest, COTTON William Henry, COTTRELL William Frederick, COULSON Alfred, COUNSELL Harry, COUPE Kathleen M, COURTIS Edward George, COUSEN Herbert Wood Jenkinson, COUSIN Arthur, COUSINS George Herbert, COUTTS Robert Thomas Charles, COVENEY Sidney Louis, COWDY Edward, COWGILL Louis, COWLEY Martin Robert, COX Lillian Edith,

CRABBE Frederick Henry, CRABTREE Charles Philip, CRAGGS Thomas Gibson, CRANSTOUN John Reuben, CRAWFORD Frank, CRAWFORD Frederick Hugh, CRAWLEY William John, CREAK Frederick James, CREED Robert Charles, CRELLIN Herbert George, CRIPPS Raymond George, CRITCHLOW Philip Cherrington, CROFT_BAKER Mrs H (Ada), CROOK Percy Lane, CROSBY Arthur, CROSBY Thomas M, CROSS Arthur Charles, CROSS Harry, CROSSFIELD Henry Davison, CROSSLEY Mrs Mary A, CROSSLEY William Tetley, CROTHERS Alfred, CROTHERS Hamilton, CROWLESMITH John, CROWTHER Edward James, CROWTHER Herbert, CROWTHER Lawrence, CROWTHER Percy, CROXFORD Albert Richard, CROXSON Winifred A, CRUMP Sister Grace, CRYER John Henry, CULBERT W Spence, CUNLIFFE Richard Henry, CUNLIFFE Thomas Alfred, CUNNINGHAM Harry, CURBISON James Bowden, CURNOCK Dennis Reginald, CURR William Henry, CURRANT Percy William, CURTICE Arthur Edwin, CURTIS Charles Henry, CURTIS Stanley Reuben, CURTIS William John, CURZON William, CUTHBERT John Henry,

contd ................

mary elms
12-10-2005, 5:33 PM
DAGGER Henry, DAGGETT David, DALE Percy, DALE Thomas, DALE William, DALE William Swetnam, DALES Henry, DALLEY John Ernest, DALTON Sister Evaline, DALTON Thomas, DANBURY Harry William, DANN William, DANZELMANN Frederick William, DARBY Frederick Walter Leake, DARBY Thomas Taylor, DARCY Leonard Stephen, DARGUE Thomas William, DARLINGTON Ralph, DARROCH William Elliot,

DAVENPORT Charles, DAVEY Bernard S, DAVEY Edwin Samuel, DAVEY George Henry, DAVEY Thomas William, DAVEY William John, DAVIDGE George Robert, DAVIDSON Robert, DAVIDSON Robert George Graham, DAVIES Albert E, DAVIES Alice Hollingdrake, DAVIES Caleb, DAVIES Frank Charles, DAVIES J Denton, DAVIES Lewis, DAVIES Llewelyn, DAVIES Sister Mary Ann, DAVIES Mary Knowles, DAVIES Sister Patience Annie, DAVIES Rachel Emily, DAVIES Rhys Thomas, DAVIES Robert, DAVIES Robert Leendart, DAVIES Samuel Henry, DAVIES Sidney, DAVIES Simon, DAVIES Thomas Hosegood, DAVIES Thomas Powell, DAVIES Thomas William, DAVIES Walter Aubrey John, DAVIES Walter Everett, DAVIES Lady W H (Ada Mary), DAVIES-JONES Thomas, DAVIS Bertrand, DAVIS Ernest William, DAVIS George, DAVIS George Edward, DAVIS Capt James Date, DAVIS William, DAVIS William James, DAVISON George, DAVY Sir William,

DAW Leslie Thomas, DAWES Joseph, DAWSON Frank, DAWSON Frank Hutchinson, DAWSON Harold Groombridge, DAWSON Harry, DAWSON John Thomas, DAWSON Joseph, DAWSON Levi, DAWSON Richard Douglas, DAWSON Robert Hillard, DAY Arthur Sutcliffe, DAY Christopher John, DAYMOND George Andrew,

contd ..............

mary elms
17-10-2005, 12:24 AM
DE BOURCIER Henry Lewis, DEACON Bertram Francis, DEACON Walter, DEAKIN Thomas Hodges, DEAN Edwin Burton, DEAN Sister Eva, DEANS David Absalom, DEAR Walter Alfred, DEARDEN Charles Edward, DEARNLEY Albert, DEED Arthur Edgar, DE FILLIPI Unberto, DE LA WYCHE Cyril Roylance, DENHAM Jesse, DENNETE William, DENNIS Albert James, DENNIS Charles, DENNIS Henry W, DENT James William, DENT Leslie Young, DENTON Horace, DEPTFORD Sister Florence Kate, DERBYSHIRE Elijah, DERRY Frank, DEWHURST Isaac Jowitt,

DIAMOND Sir William Henry, DICKER William George, DICKINSON Kenneth Shallcross, DICKINSON Thomas Edward, DIMMOCK Joseph, DINGLEY Edward Alfred, DINGLEY Lionel Alfred, DINSDALE Fred, DISLEY Albert, DIX Sister Margaret, DIXON Arthur Lewis, DIXON Charles William, DIXON Fred W, DIXON George, DIXON Gorden, DIXON James Arthur, DIXON Michael Cory, DIXON Thomas William,

DOBBINS John Thomas, DOBBINS Tom, DOBSON Bernard, DOBSON James Edward, DODD Peter G, DODDS Mabel Marian, DODDS Robert Isaac, DODDS Stephen Boxby, DODDS Thomas, DODGE Louisa E, DODSWORTH Don Victor Edward, DODSWORTH Frank Herbert, DODSWORTH John George, DODSWORTH Walter Dunham, DOLLING Harry, DONALDSON Robert Spencer, DORSETT John, DOUGHTY Lawrence, DOUGLAS William, DOUTHWAITE William, DOWELL Septimus, DOWER Robert Shillito, DOWLING Jonathan, DOWN Arthur Reeed, DOWNE John Percy, DOWNES John Edward, DOWNS Fred, DOWSE William, Dowthwaite Harry,

contd ....................

mary elms
25-10-2005, 1:39 PM
DRANSFIELD Henry Ewart Stanley, DRAPER Sister Florence, DRAYTON Enid Joyce, DREW Frederick William, DREWRY John William, DRIVER Ellis Samuel, DRUMMOND Oswald, DRY Sister Margaret Phyllis, DRYDEN John,

DUCKWORTH Francis, DUCKWORTH James, DUCKWORTH Mrs J (Mary), DUCKWORTH Robert, DUDLEY Luther Charles, DUFFIELD Ernest, DUFFIELD Henry, DUGUID Sydney Newman, DUKES Sister Elsie Grace, DUNCALFE Henry, DUNCAN Dorothy, DUNCAN John Alexander, DUNHAM Ezra, DUNK Percy John, DUNN Alfred, DUNN Mrs Mary Alice, DUNN Rufus, DUNN Thomas, DUNNING Alfred Enoch, DUNSTAN Ralph, DUNWELL Thomas Middleton, DUNWOODY Anna, DURHAM Richard, DUTHIE Andrew Noble, DUTHIE Arthur Wansbrough, DUTTON Sister Annie Louisa May, DUTTON Herbert William, DUXBURY Fred, DUXBURY John,

DYER George, DYER Isaac Bradbury, DYER Richard, DYKE Henry Silas, DYKE Thomas Ears, DYMOND George Pearse, DYMOND William Arthur,


mary elms
25-10-2005, 1:58 PM
EARL John Albert, EAGLES Joseph William, EAMES Frederick John, EAMES John, EARLY Charles William, EARLY Janet Dolton, EAST Frederick William, EATON George Henry, EATON James, ECKLEY Richard Albert, EDDY Thomas Boase, EDE John, EDGAR Frank Alfred, EDGE Samuel Rathbone, EDGE Stephen Rathbone Holden, EDGECOMBE John Robert, EDMONDSON Harold Leonard, EDMUNDS Edwin, EDWARDS A Bertram, EDWARDS Arthur William, EDWARDS Sir George, EDWARDS George Henry, EDWARDS George Morley, EDWARDS John Marshall, EDWARDS John William, EDWARDS Richard Cannon, EDWARDS Robert, EDWARDS Samuel, EDWARDS Samuel Haden, EDWARDS William,

EGGLESHAW Howitt, ELENOR Benjamin James, ELKINS R, ELLIOT John, ELLIOT George Thompson, ELLIOTT Ernest Roland, ELLIOTT Henry, ELLIOTT James R M, ELLIOTT Mrs J (CAtherine), ELLIOTT Margaret Dorothy, ELLIOTT William Mowbray, ELLIS Herbert, ELLISON Albert, ELLWOOD Thomas Ashcroft, ELSOM George, ELSON Fred William, ELT Benjamin Draper, EMBERTON John, EMBERTON John Wesley, EMERSON Arthur Wesley, EMERSON Robert Henry, EMERY William, EMMERSON John, EMMETT Charles William, ENDBERRY John Edward, ENGLAND Albert, ENGLAND Alfred, ENGLAND John, ENGLAND Thomas, ENTWISTLE Fred, ENTWISTLE Mary, ERSKINE Campbell, ESSEX Sir R Walter, ETCHELLS Edward Stanley, EVANS Edward, EVANS Evan, EVANS Evan Thomas, EVANS Frederick, EVANS George Gilbert, EVANS Griffith Emlyn, EVANS Hatton, EVANS Richard, EVANS Robert Charles, EVANS Robert John, EVANS Sister Ruby Elizabeth, EVANS William, EVANS William Arnold, EVANS William George, EVERETT Mrs Elsie Jane, EVISON John,


mary elms
30-10-2005, 9:15 PM
FAIRMAN Robert Henry, FAIRFAX Mrs F (Evelyn May), FAIRHURST Thomas, FAIRWEATHER Arthur, FAIRWEATHER David Stanley, FAIRWEATHER Joseph Hayes, FALLOW Henry Fife, FANNIN Thomas Alfred, FARNELL John Bernard, FARNSWORTH Arthur Claude, FARR George Frederick, FARRAGE Robert, FARRAR Joseph, FARRAR Neville Thompson, FARRIMOND Thomas Ackary, FARRINGTON Ernest, FARRINGTON George Thomas, FARROW Charles, FARROW John William, FARROW Leslie William, FARTHING Edmund, FASHAM Edward Tofts, FAULKNER Walter, FAULL Richard, FAWCETT John,

FEASEY J Eaton, FEASEY Lynette, FELLOWS Edward, FELLOWS Felix Petford, FELTON John Robinson, FENBY Thomas Davies, FENNELL John, FENTON Alfred, FENWICK Arthur James, FERGUSON Lancelot, FERN William Henry,

FIDGE Gladys Marjorie, FIELD Ernest, FIELD Frederick Crampton, FIELD John Bosworth, FIELD John William, FIELD Thomas Edwin, FIELDHOUSE Arthur, FIELDING James Albert, FIELDING William Richard, FILLEUL Walter Francis, FINCH Albany George, FINLAYSON William, FIRTH James Aitkin, FISHER Oscar, FISHER Thomas Henry, FISHWICK Arthur William, FITTON Frederick Arthur, FITZ-HENRY John Laird,

contd ...........

mary elms
30-10-2005, 10:56 PM
FLAVELL Walter Percy, FLAXMAN John Albert, FLEET Joseph, FLETCHER Anne, FLETCHER Isaac, FLETCHER Mark R Washington, FLETCHER Richard, FLETCHER Samuel, FLETCHER SArah A, FLETCHER William, FLETCHER-JONES Arthur, FLINT Frances, FLOCKTON William George, FLOWER Uriah,

FOOT Isaac, FOOT James Nathaniel, FORBER William, FORD Herbert Bradock, FORD John William, FORD Rupert Edwin, FORD Stanley David Montagu, FORD William, FORD William Joseph, FORKNALL John Albert, FORMSTON John Wright, FORREST David William, FORSTER Charles Eustace, FORSTER George, FORSYTH William Mills, FORTUNE John James, FOSTER Joseph, FOSTER Thomas, FOSTER William, FOSTER William Joseph, FOTHERGILL George William, FOULKES J W L, FOWELL William, FOX Frank William, FOX Herbert, FOX Samuel, FOXALL Joseph, FOXON Mrs W (Susan Mary),

FRAMPTON Cecil Stanley, FRANCE Gerald Asburner, FRANCIS Richard Walker, FRANCIS William Henry, FRANKISH William Bryant, FRANKS Leonard Arthur, FRASER Peter, FRASER Ruth, FRASER Rev Thomas, FREEBODY William Samuel, FREEBOROUGH John Henry, FREEMAN John, FREEMAN William,FRENCH Herbert Noel, FRETTER Arthur, FRIEND Mrs S (Elizabeth Mary), FRITH William, FROST Albert, FROST Alfred, FROST William, FRY Frederick Oliver,

FULFORD John Underhill, FULLERTON William Moore, FURBER Benjamin Woodworth,

contd ..............

mary elms
12-11-2005, 2:42 PM
GAGE Arthur, GAGG Fred, GALBRAITH Samuel, GALE Ernest, GALPIN Harry, GALSWORTHY Arthur, GAMMAGE Mrs Eileen Martha, GAMMANS Favid, GARDENER Ernest John, GARDINER George, GARDNER George, GARDNER Harold, GARDNER William, GARGETT James William, GARLING George, GARNER Albert, GARNER Francis, GARNER Herbert, GARNER John B, GARRETT Herbert John, GARRETT Joseph, GARSIDE Samuel, GASKARTH Faulder Graham, GASKELL James, GATENBY John Henry, GAUGHT Alfred Spencer, GAUGHTRY Ernest E, GAWNE John Kneen, GAY Albert George,

GEALE Robert George, GEE Arthur, GEE Henry Albison, GELDER Sir William Alfred, GELLION Alfred P, GENNER Mrs E E (Margaret), GENTLE Daniel, GEORGE Alfred Henry, GEORGE Hubert Dowin, GERMAN Frederick Reeson Collins, GERRARD Clement Thomas, GERRARD Thomas Lee,

GIBBONS Sister Elizabeth, GIBBONS Henry Walton, GIBBS Frederick William, GIBBS John Clifford, GIBBS Millicent Fanny, GIBBS William Edward, GIBSON James, GIBSON John, GIBSON John George Stacey, GIBSON Joseph, GIBSON Sister Margaret, GIBSON Ralph Ernest, GIBSON Thomas W A, GILBERT Thomas Palmer, GILBERTSON Joseph, GILES Henry, GILES William Jenkin, Giles Sister Winifred, GILL F, GILL George, GILBARD Sister Mary Akice, GILLINGHAM Sidney Bernard, GILLINGS Harry, GINGELL Frederick, GINN Alfred Durant,

contd ........................

mary elms
10-12-2005, 5:49 PM
GLADWIN Fred S, GLADWIN Mrs F (Nora), GLEAVE Harold, GLEDHILL Ackroyd, GLEDHILL Albert Edward, GLEDHILL John Charles, GLOVER John Wood, GLOVER Walter,

GODBER Edwin, GODDARD Edwin, GODDARD Joe Hall, GODDEN Harry, GODFREY E, GODFREY Henry Hilton, GOLDING Herbert Melhuish, GOOCH Edwin George, GOOCH Frederick Leeds, GOODALL Edward James, GOODALL Thomas, GOODE Timothy Charles, GOODFELLOW William Gage, GOODWIN Fred, GOODWIN George, GOODYEAR Frank W, GORDON Charles Wesley, GORDON Harry, GORNER Robert, GORRILL Joseph Smith, GOSLING Frederick Walter, GOSLING Reginald Litchfield, GOSS Ernest Edmubd, GOSS Ernest W, GOSS William Henry, GOSSELIN Thomas Arthur, GOUCKE Charles Edward Broadbent, GOUGE George, GOUGH Charles Leonard, GOUGH George Cecil, GOULD Frederick, GOULD John Harrison, GOULD William Henry, GOULD William Isaac, GOWERS Harold Denton,

GRAHAM George, GRAHAM Sister Hannah, GRAHAM Mrs J (Muriel E), GRAHAM John Lindsay, GRAHAM William, GRAINGER Charles Joseph, GRAINGER Thomas John, GRAINGER Mrs T J (Lyia), GRANGE Thomas Hullah, GRANT Allen, GRANTHAM Ralph, GRATWICK William Henry, GRAY James, GRAY John Ashton, GRAY Joseph Edgar, GRAY Maisie MacFarlane, GRAY Milner, GRAY Stephen, GRAY Tom, GRAY William, GRAYSON Robert William,

contd ......................

mary elms
03-10-2007, 3:52 PM
GREATOREX George Richard, GREATWOOD Frederick Joseph, GREAVES Henry, GREEN Arthur George, GREEN Davis, GREEN Edwin, GREEN George Sugden, GREEN George William, GREEN Thomas, GREEN Thomas Ward, GREEN William, GREENER Henry, GREENER Walter, GREENWOOD Alfred, GREENWOOD Charles, GREENWOOD Mrs Fred (Mary), GREENWOOD John, GREENWOOD John W, GREENWOOD Robert Stansfield, GREGORY Alfred Thomas, GREGORY Arthur, GREGORY Helen, GREGORY James, GREGORY William, GREGSON Leonard,

GRICE John Henry, GRIFFEN Edmund William, GRIFFIN George, GRIFFIN Horace Henry, GRIFFIN Reginald, GRIFFITH Isaac Clark, GRIFFITHS Arthur Benjamin, GRIFFITHS Arthur Edward, GRIFFITHS Charles S H, GRIFFITHS Harry Hartley, GRIFFITHS Major James Charles, GRIFFITHS John Dean, GRIFFITHS Mrs Lelia Agnes, GRIFFITHS Richard, GRIFFITHS Thomas, GRIMSLEY Ernest, GRIMWOOD Charles James, GRIST Hedley George,

GROSVENOR Mrs Clayton (Mary Mowbray), GROVE H Victor, GROVE Sidney Reed, GROVES Lyndhurst George, GROVES Mary, GROVES Walter Henry, GROWCOTT George,

GRUBB Arthur Page, GRUNDY Charles Stanley,

GUBBIN Samuel Baker, GUIVER John, GULLEY William Henry, GUNDERSON Sergeant Frederick Leon, GUNN Tom Handley, GUNNER Gilbert Edward, GUNTON William Henry, GUPPY Henry, GUTHRIE William J, GUTTERIDGE Michael, GUY Thomas Joseph,

contd ................

mary elms
03-10-2007, 5:18 PM
HACKER Charles Henry, HACKETT Alfred George, HACKETT William Henry, HADDEN William Edward, HADDEN William Henry, HADDOW Hamilton, HADEN Ernest William, HADEN Thomas Elihu, HADGKISS Harry James Alexander, HADLEY Albert, HADLEY Albert Robert, HAGGETT Francis George, HAGUE Walter, HAIGH Willie, HAILE Richard Neville, HAINES Owen, HAINSWORTH Arthur, HALE Eustace John, HALE Harold Edgar, HALKES John Robert, HALKON Arthur Frederick,

HALL Arnold, HALL Arthur, HALL Charles Albert, HALL Ernest William, HALL Frank Leonard John, HALL George Hambleton, HALL Helen Mildred, HALL James Henry, HALL John, HALL John Charles, HALL Reginald Thomas, HALL Samuel, HALL Thomas, HALL Tom, HALL Mrs T (Gertrude), HALL William, HALL William Joseph,

HALLETT Basil Frederick, HALLETT John Henry, HALLIDAY Tom, HALSTEAD Joseph, HALSTEAD Thomas, HALSTEAD Walter, HALSTEAD William Dickinson, HALTON Jesse, HAM John Henry, HAMBLEY Herbert Allen, HAMBLIN John, HAMBLYN Richard Walter Hill, HAMER John, HAMILTON Arthur George, HAMMERTON Elaine, HAMMOND James Charles, HAMMOND Sister Hilda Esther, HAMPSON Wilfrid,

HANCOCK Frederick James, HANCOCK Mrs Samson (Alice Mary), HANCOCK Sardius, HANCOCK Sister Madeline L, HANCOCK William Albert, HANDFORTH Arthur, HANKIN William John, HANNA Emma Charlotte, HANNA Wesley Fletcher, HANSON John,

HARBOTTLE Anthony, HARDING Albert Edward, HARDING Mrs Albert E (Agnes), HARDING WILLIAM Ernest, HARDMAN Robert Taylor, HARWICK Arthur Edward, HARDWICK Simeon, HARDY Benjamin Bavin, HARDY Frank, HARDY John Henry, HARDY Robert Edward, HARDY Thomas Arthur, HARDY William, HARGER Joseph, HARGRAVE Frederick William, HARGRAVE James, HARGREAVES Frances Alice, HARGREAVES George Powell, HARGREAVES John, HARGREAVES Joseph, HARGREAVES Walter, HARKER George Clarkson, HARKER William Roberts, HARLAND Alfred George, HARNISTON James Egan, HARPER Percy John,

HARRIS A Cephas, HARRIS Frederick Powell, HARRIS George, HARRIS JAmes Penberthy, HARRIS Llewellyn James, HARRIS Percy, HARRIS Richard George, HARRIS William, HARRIS William Bale, HARRISON Albert Rowlett, HARRISON Craven Rosse, HARRISON Edward, HARRISON Miss E D, HARRISON Fred, HARRISON Frederick Porter, HARRISON Lieutenant George, HARRISON Jabez, HARRISON James, HARRISON James Thomas, HARRISON Mark, HARRISON Samuel James, HARRISON Wilfred Herbert, HARRISS Hubert Charles,

HARROP John Arthur, HART Charles, HART Frederick Thomas, HARTLES William Edgar, HARTLEY Arthur Danesbury, HARTLEY Christiana, HARTLEY Herbert A, HARTLEY John, HARTLEY John Ed, HARTLEY Rufus, HARTLEY Stephen, HARTLEY Walton, HARTLEY William, HAUGHTON Walter Reacher, HARVEY Alfred Cromwell, HARVEY Edward Albert, HARVEY Frederick William Victor, HARVEY Gilbert, HARVEY James Percy Arundell, HARVEY Josiah, HARVEY Ralph John, HARVEY William Toogood,

HAVELOCK Alfred Henry, HASKARD Thomas, HASKINS Josiah, HAWKEN Sister Lucy, HAWKING John Lund, HAWKINS Charles H, HAWNT James, HAWTHORNE Herbert, HAY Thomas William, HAYDEN John Albert, HAYDEN John Frederic Courtney, HAYDOCK John Charles, HAYES Hodgson, HAYES Walter J, HAYNES Arthur John, HAYS John Wilson, HAYTHORNTHWAITE Herbert, HAYWARD Alec, HAYWARD Samuel John, HAYWARD Thomas Andrew, HAZEL Charlotte Emma, HAZELL Charles Edmund,

contd .........................

mary elms
06-10-2007, 1:06 PM
HEADFORD Frank, HEAL John Jabez, HEALEY Isaac, HEAP Frederick Charles, HEAP Howard, HEAP J Hammond, HEAP Mrs J Hammond (Mabel), HEAP John Hudson, HEAP Richard Henry Bieby, HEAP Samuel, HEARD William Henry, HEARL Ernest John, HEARLE William, HEARN Mrs Albert (Nora),

HEDGES Frederick John, HEDGES Sidney George, HEDLEY Edward, HELLAWELL Thomas Whitehead, HELLIER Anna Maria, HENDERSON Harry Short, HENDERSON The Rt Hon Arthur, HENDERSON John Edson, HENDERSON Mrs J E (Harriet), HENDERSON Thomas, HENERY John, HENMAN Alfred, HENN Thomas Austin, HENSON William Henry,

HEPPLEWHITE Mary, HEPWORTH Benjamin Peel, HEPWORTH Pliny, HERDMAN Johnie Friend, HESELTON James Thomas, HESLOP William, HETHERINGTON John Roland, HETHERINGTON John Windle, HEUGHAN James William, HEWARD Mrs T B (Kathleen Amy Rachel), HEWITT Aaron, HEY Charles Matthews, HEY William Rennie, HEYWOOD Frank M, HEYWOOD Walter Stanley,

contd ...........................

mary elms
06-10-2007, 3:44 PM
HIBBARD Edith Muriel, HIBBARD Hamilton Lenney, HIBBARD Edward Herbert, HIBBOTT George Henry, HICKS Edward, HICKSON Fredk Benj, HIGGINS Sister Bessie, HIGGINS William Fenton, HIGGS Horatio, HIGGS John Fuller, HIGGS Stanley Rendall, HIGTON William,

HILES John William, HILL Ada Elizabeth Jane (Sister Ada), HILL Alfred, HILL Alfred Robert, HILL Mrs Fred W (Elizabeth Rose), HILL Henry William, HILL J Gordon, HILL Philip Keith, HILL Robert Godber, HILL Roland Henry, HILL T E, HILL Thomas Henry Shepherd, HILL Thomas Sidney, HILLIER George, HILLS Andrew Charles, HILTON Alan George, HILTON George, HILTON George Edward, HILTON Thomas Rose,

HINDLE George, HINDLE Robert, HINDLE William, HINDMARSH Frederick Bearpark, HINDRY George Samuel, HINDSLEY Thomas Grieve, HINE Alfred Leonard, HINE Hugh Fitz-Neville, HINE Montague Leonard, HINKS John Dixon, HINTON William George,

HIPKIN John Amos, HIPKIN Mrs John Amos (Eva), HIPWELL William, HIRD Benjamin Whitworth, HIRD Trevelyan, HIRD William, HISKENS George Edwin, HITCHCOCK William Edward, HITCHINS William, HITCHON Alan, HIVES Walter George,

contd .......................

mary elms
07-10-2007, 6:34 PM
HOAD William C, HOBBS Benjamin, HOBBS Charles William, HOBBS Mrs Charles William (Ada), HOBBS Edward Thomas, HOBBS Henry William, HOBSON Thomas Albert, HOBSON William Henry, HOBLEY William Edward,

HOCKENHULL William, HODGE Henry, HODGES Sister Florence L, HODGES Sidney Charles, HODGKINSON Harry, HODGKINSON Henry, HODGKINSON Osmond, HODGKINSON William, HODGSON Charles Newton, HODGSON Charles William, HODGSON Frederick John, HODGSON George Moore, HODGSON Matthew Moore, HOGG John Robert, HOGG William,

HOLDCROFT Albert Enoch, HOLDEN Benjamin, HOLDEN John, HOLDEN Nicholas, HOLDSWORTH Arthur Thomas, HOLDSWORTH Herbert, HOLFORD George Pawson, HOLGATE Arthur, HOLGATE John William, HOLLAND George Henry, HOLLAND George William, HOLLAND James, HOLLIDAY Thomas, HOLLIDAY Thomas William, HOLLINGS Henry, HOLLINGS Samuel Banks, HOLLINSHEAD Harold, HOLLIS Joseph, HOLLIS John Walter,

HOLLOWAY Fred, HOLLOWAY Herbert John, HOLLOWAY Kathleen Margaret, HOLLOWAY Roland E, HOLMES Albert Stanley, HOLMES Alexander Charles, HOLMES Frederick Algernon, HOLMES John, HOLMES John Henry, HOLMES Thomas, HOLORAN Frank George, HOLROYD Gertrude, HOLT Garnet Wolseley, HOLT Robert, HOLWELL David Woodford,

HOMER Ralph, HOOKER Alfred Wyatt, HOOKHAM, George Walter, HOOLE George Henry, HOPEWELL Sister Mary, HOPKINS Albert Edward, HOPKINS Frank, HOPKINS Frederick Jesse, HOPKINS George, HOPKINS John Thomas, HOPKINS William, HOPKINSON George Herbert, HOPWOOD James,

HORDEN Herbert William, HORN Charles, HORN George, HORNBY Clara, HORRABIN James Francis, HORRELL John Cecil, HORRELL Stanley, HORROCKS Frank, HORSFIELD Alfred, HORSMAN George B, HORTON Joseph Arthur, HOSEGOOD William Ronald, HOSIE Lady Dorothea, HOSKIN John Woodman, HOSKIN Victor Herbert, HOSKIN Waldemar A P, HOSKIN Waldemar Adrian Philips, HOSKINS Ernest Edward,

HOTEN Abel, HOUGH Alice Olivia (Sister Olive), HOUGHTON Arthur James, HOULT Walter Hartmann, HOULTON Robert William, HOVEY Ethel May, HOWARD Charles H M, HOWARD Mrs H M (Adah B), HOWARTH Henry, HOWARTH Oliver, HOWARTH Robert, HOWDILL Norman, HOWE Ernest Albert, HOWELL Alfred, HOWELL George Harold, HOWELL Thomas E, HOWELL William Gough, HOWELL William James, HOWGATE Herbert, HOWORTH Thomas Smith, HOYLE George Rouse, HOYLE John Philip, HOYLE Joshua Thomas,

contd .................................

mary elms
08-10-2007, 1:56 PM
HUBBARD Harold Charles, HUDSON Edwin, HUDSON Frederick Harral, HUDSON George Arthur, HUDSON Henry, HUDSON Thomas Edward, HUDSON William Handley, HUGHES Dorothea Katherine Price, HUGHES Furgus Walter, HUGHES Gabriel, HUGHES Griffith, HUGHES Howel Vaughen, HUGHES Mrs Hugh Price (Mary Katherine Howard), HUGHES Maurice Roberts, HUGHES Moses, HUGHES Richard Ernest, HUGHES Richard Edmund, HUGHES Samuel Charles, HUGHES Sister Jessie, HUGHES Thomas, HUGHES Richard Thomas,

HULL Frank, HULME John William, HULSE W, HUMBLE Alfred Thomas, HUME Robert, HUMPHREYS Charles Herbert, HUMPHREYS Cadwalder Wally, HUMPHREYS Evan, HUMPHRIES Norman Samuel Antiff, HUMPHRIES John Jason, HUNKIN Walter Benson, HUNT Albert Edward, HUNT Frederick, HUNT George Henry, HUNT Harry George, HUNT Henry Cheesbrough, HUNT Samuel, HUNTER Alice E, HUNTER George Henry, HUNTER Thomas Pearson, HUNTLEY Herbert James,

HURST Harvey George, HUTCHINGS Frederick William Joseph, HUTCHINSON Charles Thornburn, HUTCHINSON Roger, HUTCHINSON Sister Eileen Annie, HUTCHINSON William B, HUTCHINSON William Henry, HUTCHINSON Alexander Burnett, HUTTON Cyril, HYDE Arthur Tombs, HYATT Herbert Henry, HYDE Francis austin, HYETT Frederick John,

contd ............................

mary elms
08-10-2007, 2:41 PM
IBBERSON Herbert, IBBERSON Joseph William, ILES Charles John, INDGE William, INGE Percy, INGHAM Albert Bengel, INGHAM Joseph, INGRAM Edith May, INGRAM John Douglas, IRELAND Clement Arthur, IRELAND Sister Ann May, IREMONGER John William, IRISH, Robert George, IRISH William, IRVING Thomas Valentine, IRVING Mrs W R (Edna Margery), ISAACS George Alfred, ISARD Joseph Clark, IZZETT Henry Stewart, IZZETT Percy Alexander,

contd ....................

mary elms
09-10-2007, 10:16 AM
JACKMAN Edgar, JACKMAN Reginald Erasmus, JACKSON Albert, JACKSON Frank Wilfred, JACKSON George Jackson Mrs George (Annie), JACKSON Harold Warters, JACKSON Herbert, JACKSON James Eustace, JACKSON Capt John, JACKSON Miss M E, JACKSON Sir Percy, JACKSON Richard Martin, JACKSON Ssamuel Robinson, JACKSON Sister Sarah, JACKSON Stewardson, JACKSON Thomas, JACKSON Thomas Graham, JACKSON Tom, JACKSON William Charles, JACKSON William Hodkinson, JACOB George Henry, JAGGARD Walter, JAMES Aubrey Charles, JAMES Herbert Arthur, JAMES Reginald Arthur, JAMES William, JAMES-WILLIAMS Dr Nansi, JAMES-WILLIAMS Mrs Sarah, JAMESTON Christopher, JANE Arthur, JARRETT George,

JEFFREY Frank, JEFFERSON Joseph, JEFFERY Ernest, JEFFERY James Thomas, JEFFETS George Ernest, JEFFS Ernest Edward, JEFFS Harry, JENKIN Eng Rear-Admiral John Harry, JENKINS Charles, JENKINS Edgar Samuel, JENKINS James Heald, JENKINS Richard, JENKINS Robert William, JENKINSON Fred Llewellyn, JENKINSON Grace Lilian, JENKINSON John Herbert, JENNINGS Arthur, JENNINGS George, JENNINGS Fred, JENNINGS Septimus, JEPSON Hy M T Livingstone, JEPSON Stanley, JERMYN Bertrand William, JESSOP Prof Thomas Edmund, JEWELL John Ashton, JEWSBURY George, JEYES Charles,

JINKS Robert,

JOB Oswald, JOHN William Thomas, JOHNS Richard Henry, JOHNS William J, JOHNSON Alfred William, JOHNSON Arthur Burgess, JOHNSON Sir Benjamin Samuel, JOHNSON Burley, JOHNSON Frederick Gregory, JOHNSON Fred Topham, JOHNSON Mrs G E Hickman (Dorothy), JOHNSON George, JOHNSON Henry Mackey, JOHNSON John William Baker, JOHNSON Kate, JOHNSON Raynor Carey, JOHNSON Robert, JOHNSON Sydney, JOHNSON Mrs William (Mary), JOHNSON William Gwynne, JOHNSTON Joseph Hodgson, JOHNSTON Thomas Davidson,

JONES Arthur, JONES Arthur Owen, JONES Arthur Thomas, JONES Charles, JONES Charles Henry, JONES Charles Herbert, JONES David D, JONES David Julian, JONES David Langford, JONES David Poley, JONES David Robert, JONES Edward, JONES Edward Cowen, JONES Edwin, JONES Edwin Frederick, JONES Sister Frances, JONES Frederick Walter, JONES Gwen, JONES Harold Spencer, JONES Herbert, JONES Howell Glynne, JONES Mrs Isaiah (Ethel Mary), JONES James, JONES John, JONES John David Robert, JONES John Dyfri, JONES John Tomlinson, JONES John Wilfred, JONES John William, JONES Jonathan Edward, JONES Joseph, JONES Margaret, JONES Peers, JONES Richard, JONES Richard Hugh, JONES Robert Henry, JONES R Pierce, JONES Sara Pugh, JONES Thomas, JONES Thomas Rogers, JONES William, JONES William Bertram, JONES William Davis, JONES William Elwyn Edwards, JONES William Glanfab, JONES William John, JONES William Owen, JONES William Richard, JONES Mrs William R (Alice Ninette),

JOSLIN Cyril Ernest, JOYNT Ernest Edwin, JUDGE Harry, JUDSON Walter Herbert,

contd ..................

mary elms
11-10-2007, 10:45 AM
KAY Alfred K, KAY Arnold, KAY Charles Vincent, KAY Leslie Ward, KAY Sir Robert Newbald, KAYE Charles,

KEABLE Edward Frost, KEATES Albert Edward, KEATES James Charles, KEEBLE John, KEENE Charles, KEENE Charles Robert, KEENLEYSIDE Thomas Wilkinson, KEIGHLEY John, KEIGHLEY Samuel, KELD William John, KELL James, KELLETT James, KELLY Harold, KELLY Sir Samuel, KELLY William Arthur, KELYNACK Theo Nicholas, KENDALL Mrs George (Emily Mary), KENDALL James, KENDALL Ramsay, KENDALL Roland Bramwell Clowes, KENDRICK-SMITH Mrs Margaret, KERKHAM Robert Hugh, KERMODE Robert H Wright, KERRIDGE Samuel Frank, KETTON John, KEVIN Henry Newton Kilronan, KEY Herbert Edwin,

KIBBLE John, KIDD Mrs Archibald (Jane), KIDSON John Thomas, KIDSON William Stephen, KILLICK John, KILLIP Edith Hasell, KIMBER Horace Harold, KIMBERLIN William Henry, KIMMINS Charles William, KIMMINS Mrs Charles William (Grace Thirza), KING Edith Mary, KING Ernest Colston, KING Frederick William, KING Mrs G S (Winifred Clara), KING John, KING John William, KING Robert, KING Rose M L, KING Walter Taylor, KINGCOME Hedley Charles, KINNISH Arthur V, KIRBY James, KIRBY Percy Henry, KIRKBY Thomas, KIRKBY William, KIRKBY William Anthony, KIRKHAM Walter, KIRKMAN John, KITCHEN Preston, KITCHEN J Tunnard,

KNAPE John, KNAPMAN Henry Cornish, KNAPMAN Percy George, KNEWSTUBB Thomas W, KNIGHT Edward, KNIGHT George, KNIGHT Percy Craven, KNIGHT Samuel, KNIGHT William Edward, KNIGHTS Walter, KNOWLES Henry, KNOWLES Norman, KNOWLMAN Walter, KNOX Edward,

contd ......................

mary elms
22-10-2007, 12:10 PM
LACEY William, LACY Alfred, LAINE John Arthur, LAKER Harold Burt, LAMB Charles Frederick, LAMB Sister Lillian Elizabeth, LAMB Sidney Charles, LAMB William Henry, LAMBERT David Willoughby, LAMPLOUGH Edmund S, LAMPLUGH Tom Crosby, LANCASTER Joseph Torry, LANDER Arthur, LANE Harold Norman, LANE Ronald Rothwell, LANG Dickerson, LANG Mrs F Barlett (Hilda), LANGHAM Harold James, LANGLEY George Frederick, LANGMAID Sidney, LARCOMBE Frederick, LARDER Charles, LARGE Percy, LARKE Cecilia Annie, LATHAM Edwin, LAUDER George, LAUDER Robert Paterson, LAUGHTON Frederick, LAUGHTON Ruby Irene, LAVENDER George Hodson, LAW Albert, LAW Clarence David, LAW Enoch, LAW John, LAW John Peter, LAW John Jackson, LAWRENCE Alfred Mitchell, LAWRENCE D H, LAWRENCE Donald Morley, LAWRENCE Ernest Edward, LAWRENCE John Narbeth, LAWRENCE Osmond Morton, LAWRENCE William Henry, LAWRY Henry Stanley, LAWRY William, LAWS John William, LAWSON Francis Thomas Butterfield, LAWSON John, LAWSON John J, LAWSON John Minnikin, LAWSON John Thomas, LAWTON Thomas, LAYEN Luther Edward, LAYTON Raymund, Lazenby John,

LEA Prof Frederick Charles, LEA William Dawes, LEAT Frank, LEATHERBY E Stanley, LEDGAR Thomas Pickard, LEE Prof Atkinson, LEE Frank, LEE George, LEE Henry Cuthbert, LEE Herbert, LEE John Cuthbert, LEE John George, LEE Joseph, LEE Peter, LEE Thomas, LEECH Alfred, LEECH Donald Collins, LEES Albert Edward, LEES Herbert, LEES John, LEESON Arthur John, LE HURAY James Ernest, LEITH Mrs Duncan G M (Maida Lenwood), LEITH Thomas Duncan, LEIVESLEY Samuel George, LENG Seaton, LESTER Albert William, LESTER Richard, LESTER Samuel John, LESTER William Marklew, LETHERSICH William, LEUTY Mary, LEVERS John Eskett, LEVY Sister Donna, LEWIN George, LEWIN John, LEWINGTON William Henry, LEWIS David, LEWIS David Charles, LEWIS Frederick E, LEWIS Norman Allen, LEWIS Price, LEWIS Stephen, LEWIS Thomas, LEWIS Thomas Charles, LEY Ernest, LEY Percy,

LIDGETT Herbert Charles, LIGGETT George, LIGHT Geoffrey Leonard, LIGHTLEY Charles Thomas, LIGHTWOOD James Thomas, LILLYWHITE Leonard, LINCHAM Samuel, LINDLEY Richard, LINDSAY John W, LINFIELD Arthur George, LINFIELD Frederick Caesar, LISTER Emmanuel, LITTLE Norman Wesley, LITTLEWOOD Frederick Lincoln, LIVERSIDGE Greenhalgh,

LLOYD David, LLOYD David John, LLOYD John, LLOYD John Selwyn Brooke, LLOYD John Wesley, LLOYD William Alfred, LLOYD-Jones Thomas,

LOBB Maurice Thomas, LOBLEY Edward Percival, LOCK John J B, LOCK William Richard Moore, LOCKE Frederick William, LOCKHART Melville Scott, LOCKWOOD Mrs Joseph H (Cecilia Florence), LOCKYER Albert Edward, LODGE George Henry, LODGE John Arthur, LOMAS J E, LONDESBOROUGH Lawrence Mark, LONGBOTTOM Arthur Fielding, LONGBOTTOM Gertrude, LONGSTAFF Joseph, LONGSTAFFE Charles, LORD Frederick Frewen, LORD William, LOUGHBOROUGH Walter, LOVE M W G, LOVE Robert Mackie, LOVELL Samuel Marchant, LOVICK William James, LOWE James Arthur, LOWE Morris Sugars, LOWE Thomas Edwin, LOWE William, LOWE William Francis, LOWIS Owen Richards, LOWRY Prof Thomas Martin,

LUCAS Edwin Arthur, LUCAS Mrs George A (Francis Catherine), LUCAS William Kenneth, LUGG William James, LUMB Thomas, LUNN Sir George, LUNN Sir Henry T, LUNN William, LUNN William Frank, LUPTON William Arthur, LUXTON Reginald William,

LYLE Leonard, LYNN Daisy, LYNE Morwenna Rayson, LYTH Sister Eva, LYTHGOE Morman Leigh,

contd ..................

mary elms
12-11-2007, 1:55 AM
McARD Joseph, McARTHUR James Harry Stewart, McCLEERY Samuel Aird, McCLEERY Thomas G, McCOLWIN Colin Campbell, McCORMICK Nial, McCREA George Edward, McCREA John Harcourt, McDONALD Alfred P, McDONALD James, McFARLANE James, McGREGOR John, McHUGH Mary Alice, McKAY George Harry, McKEAG William, McKENZIE Mrs Nella Jane, McLOUGHLIN Gordon, McMANN Charles Alfred, McNAIR Sister Jean, McQUEEN Herbert,

MABBOTT Howell, MACARTNEY William Newton, MACDONALD Alun, MACFADDEN Robert, MACHIN Charles Willis, MACHIN John, MACHIN William, MACK Charles Garrett, MACKENZIE Donald Alexander, MACKINTOSH Sir Harold, MACKLEY Cecil Owen, MACRILL Frederick William, MACLAURIN James, MACLAURIN Mrs James (Ada J), MACONKEY William Robert,

MADDERN William, MADDOCK William, MADGE Bryan Walter, MAGGS Herbert John, MAGNAY Thomas, MAGSON Egbert Hockey, MAGSON Thomas Symmons, MAINPRIZE John Vickerman,

MALBY Herbert Francis, MALE Harry, MALINS Joseph, MALLALIEU Albert Henry, MALLALIEU Frederick William, MALLETT George William, MALLETT R A, MALLINSON Herbert, MALLINSON Thomas, MALLINSON William, MALTAS Clement, MALTBY Daniel Henry, MALTBY William Graham, MALTHOUSE John,

MANDALE John, MANN Henry, MANNING Henry Samuel, MANTRIPP Albert James, MANTRIPP Mrs H C (Dorothy L),

MARCHANT George Clifford, MARGERISON William Arthur, MARKHAM William Arthur, MARKS Thomas Edward, MARRIOTT Ewart Nelson, MARRITT Herbert, MARROW Leslie Charles, MARSDEN Joseph Henry, MARSH Alfred, MARSH Harold Alfred, MARSH John Herbert, MARSHALL Rt Hon Lord (Horace Brooks), MARSHALL Andrew Chambers, MARSHALL David Butchart, MARSHALL Harry, MARSHALL Henry, MARSHALL Robert, MARTIN Arthur Francis, MARTIN George William, MARTIN Henry, MARTIN Henry Ernest, MARTIN James, MARTIN William Dudley, MARTINDALE Herbert Tasker,

MASON A M, MASON Hedley, MASON James, MASON John, MASON Thomas Wandless, MASSEY James Quinton, MASSEY Joseph, MASTERS Henry,

MATHER James William, MATHERS Arthur Leslie, MATHERS John Stanley, MATHERS Thomas, MATHERS William, MATHESON John, MATTHEWS Albert Edward, MATTHEWS Frank, MATTHEWS Mrs George H (Amy), MATTHEWS James, MATTHEWS James Woodrow, MATTHEWS William Alfred,

MAUGER Lieut Ernest Francis, MAULE William, MAWER Francis Riggall, MAWDESLEY Joseph, MAXWELL Edward, MAXWELL Stanley, MAY Alfred, MAYELL Sister Hannah Kate,

contd ...................

mary elms
20-11-2007, 8:04 AM
MEACHEM Frederick Charles, MEAD Louise Mary, MEALE John Arthur, MEDDICK Seymore Athlestan, MEDDINGS William Ernest, MEEK John William, MEES James Henry, MEGGITT Elijah William, MEGGITT Samuel, MEIR George Henry, MELLING Samuel, MELLOR Gilbert Arthur, MELLOR William, MERCHANT Frederick James, MERCHANT Sister Rhoda Kate, MEREDITH George Frederick, MEREDITH William Alfred, MERRIWEATHER John George, MERRIWEATHER Joseph, METEYARD Sister Annie Elizabeth, METTAM Charles, MEWBURN William, MEWS Thomas William, MEWS William Francis,

MICHELL Thomas, MIDDLEBROOK Sir William, MIDDLETON Albert, MIDDLETON William, MIDGLEY Charles, MIDGLEY Hiram, MIBOURN Albert Edward, MILES Harry, MILLARD Ernest, MILLER Ephraim Wheat, MILLER George Müller, MILLETT John Henry Davies, MILLINGTON Fred, MILLS James, MILSOM Bertram Stafford, MINIFIE Mark, MINTO Edwin Goodchild, MINTOFT John Laurence, MISKIN John Llewellyn, MITCHELL Fred, MITCHELL John, MITCHELL Samuel, MITCHESON James Cecil, MITTELL William, MITTON John,

MOAT Gershom, MOBBS Mrs Julia, MOLLOY Thomas, MOODY Sidney John Morley, MONACA Luigi, MOON Albert Francis, MOON Anthony Gordon Willmot, MOON Herbert, MOON Melita Mary Annie, MOON Thomas, MOOR John Herbert Ellis, MOORE Abraham, MORRE Edith Matilda, MOORE Louis, MOORE Ramsey Bignall, MOORE Walter, MORALEE Ralph, MORCOM Charles, MORETON Francis Banfield, MORGAN Benjamin, MORGAN Lieut-Col Cyril Frank, MORGAN Dennis Hugh, MORGAN George Henry, MORGAN Howell Arthur, MORGAN James Arthur William, MORGAN Septimus, MORGAN Major Sydney Hubert, MORLEY Cyril, MORLEY George Frederick, MORRIS Charles Edward, MORRIS Emily Katte, MORRIS Harold Joseph, MORRIS Jackson, MORRIS James Alexander, MORRIS James Edward, MORRIS N, MORRIS Thomas, MORRIS Wilfred, MORRIS William, MORRIS William J, MORRIS William Thomas, MORROW Thomas Henry, MORTON Harry, MORTON Herbert G P, MORTON James Herbert, MORTON Thomas Hancock, MOSES James J H, MOSS Frederick James, MOSS Sydney George, MOSS Thomas, MOSS William Cyril, MOSS William Harry, MOUAT William, MOUNTSTEPHEN Sir William Harry, MOWAT Sir John Gwnn, MOYLE Richard,

MUCKLEY Richard Grice, MUMFORD Frank McFarland, MUMFORD Sydney Harry, MUNDAY Edwin Guy, MUNRO John Donald, MURRAY Albert Victor, MUSSON Mrs W A J, MUTTON Frederick Charles, MUTTON Mrs Frederick C (Dorothy), MYERS Louis Arthur, MYERS Samuel Leslie, MYERS William, MYLAND Walter C,

contd .....................

mary elms
20-11-2007, 10:46 AM
NAPOLETANE Filippe, NARBETH John Harper, NASH David Foot, NASH Harold John, NASH William Samuel, NATION Richard, NATRASS James Henderson, NATRESS Robert Gardner,

NEAL Arthur, NEALE Frank Thomas, NEALE Walter, NEALE William John Watkins, NEAVE Frederick George, NEILL John, NELSON Charles Hewetson, NELSON George, NEVILLE William Baker, NEWALL Edgar, NEWALL Joseph, NEWBERY C H, NEWBOLD Leslie Ashforth, NEWCOMEN Thomas, NEWELL George, NEWLAND Charles Haddon, NEWLING Charles, NEWMAN Walter, NEWSHAM Joseph, NEWTON Arthur, NEWTON Bertie, NEWTON Edward, NEWTON Fred, NEWTON John William, NEWTON Mrs R E (Kathleen Alice),

NICHOLAS David Thomas, NICHOLAS John William, NICHOLSON John Leonard, NICHOLSON John Robinson, NIGHTINGALE Arthur William, NINNIM Theodore Philip, NIXON Albert Ernest, NIXON John G, NIXON Justin,

NOAD Joseph, NOBLE Mrs Walter J (Elizabeth Annie), NOBLE William Robert, NODDINGS William Ewart, NOEL Osmond Ogier, NORMAN Sir Frederick, NORMAN John Brownlow, NORMAN Richard, NORMINGTON Nicholas H R, NORRIS Arthur, NORRIS Frederick William, NORTH Herbert, NORTHCOTT Clarence Hunter, NORTON John, NORTON Rowland George, NOWELL Albert Ernest, NOWELL John William,

NUNN Thomas, NUNNS William Rhodes, NURSE Henry Alexander, NUTTALL Edwin Henry, NUTTALL Joseph,

contd ...............................

mary elms
23-11-2007, 7:46 PM
OAKES William John, OATES Anthony, OATES Mrs Ethel, O'BRIEN John Ackerley, O'BRIEN Terence J J, ODELL Mrs B E (Evelyn Maud), OFFILER Herbert, OGLESBY Charles, O'HARA Arthur James Hendry,

OLD William Gregory, OLDHAM Josiah Hughes, OLDMAN Harry Fowell, OLIVER Edward Harold, OLIVER John, OLIVER Robert, OLIVER Sister Margaret, OLIVER William Henry, OLLIVIER Henry Daniel, OMBLER Edwin, ORMEROD Arthur, ORMESHER Henry, ORMSTON George, ORCHARD George, ORR Janet Wilson, ORRELL Frederick John,

OSBORN Albert James Cornelius, OSBORN Fred M, OSBORN Samuel, OSBORN William Fawcett, OSBORNE Alfred John, OSBORNE Arthur Cecil, OSBORNE Charles Alford, OSBORNE Nathan John, OSBORNE T H, OSBORNE Wilfred Harry,

OTTAWAY Robert John, OULD Harry, OUTEN Roland Thomas, OVERTON Enoch, OWEN David Llewellyn, OWEN John David, OWEN Thomas John, OWEN Thomas Sidney, OWEN William, OWEN William Harold, OWENS Sister Dorothy, OWERY Owen Tamblyn, OYSTON Mrs Crystella, OZANNE Thomas,

contd ...................................

mary elms
24-11-2007, 5:07 PM
PACKETT Harry, PACKETT Sydney, PADDY John Charles, PADFIELD Herbert, PADMAN William Norwood, PAGE Arthur Stanley, PAGE Harold Frederick, PAGET G Vosper, PAIN Godfrey Smorthwaite, PAINE William Henry, PAIRMAN William Lindsay, PALETHORPE Arthur Willows, PALMER Edward Timothy, PALMER George William, PALMER James, PALMER Mrs James (Frances Helen), PALMER Thomas, PALMER William Crook, PALMER William Henry, PALMER William James, PALMER William Thomas,

PARK William, PARKER Charles, PARKER Charles E, PARKER Mrs Charles Edward (Helen, PARKER Charles Thomas, PARKER George Berthold, PARKER George Fitchett, PARKER Richard Arthur, PARKER Walter William, PARKER William, PARKER William Percy, PARKES Benjamin Thomas, PARKIN George, PARKIN John, PARKIN Ronald Corderoy, PARKINSON Ernest Alfred, PARKINSON John Allen, PARKINSON Richard, PARYN William, PARRY Bernard King, PARRY David E, PARRY Edward John, PARRY Edward Robert, PARRY Frederick Saunders, PARRY WILLIAMS William,

PARSONS Sister Bessie Martha, PARSONS Mrs F N (Laura), PARSONSON Charles Stanley, PARTON James, PARTRIDGE walter Edwin, PASCOE Charles, PASCOE John, PASHLEY Sam H, PASHLEY William, PASK Alfred Henry Speedie, PASSMORE Reginald, PATENALL Thomas, PATMORE Benjamin Edwin, PATRICK Albert Morton, PATTEN Henry, PATTERSON William, PATTON Arthur, PATTON John, PAUL Frederick Henry, PAWSON Prof Henry Cecil, PAWSON Rennie, PAYNE Frederick Charles, PAYNE Harold William, PAYNE John William, PAYNE Thomas Spencer, PAYNE William Henry, PAYNTER Richard Grigg,

PEACOCK Charles, PEACOCK Thomas James, PEAKE Austin H, PEARCE Andrew Hingston, PEARCE Edward Ewart, PEARCE Joseph, PEARCE Mark, PEARSON Charles, PEARSON Frank, PEARSON George Purdy, PEARSON Harold Thomas, PEARSON Herbert Bunting, PEARSON Thomas, PEARSON William, PEAT Edwin, PEATFIELD John, PECK Francis William, PEEL Herbert Walker, PEGGRAM Ernest Pretyman, PENDER William George, PENDLEBURY Joseph, PENDLEBURY Mrs Joseph (Mary Ellen), PENGELLY Cyril Ross, PENGELLY Edward John, PENGELLY Thomas, PENNELLS William James, PENNINGTON Joseph, PENROSE Walter, PENWARDEN Peter,

PEPPER Frederick Nevillie, PEPPER Sampson, PEPPER William Arnold, PEPPER William Thomas, PERKIN George Thomas, PERKIN Herbert, PERKIN John William, PERKINS Mrs E Benson (Alice Elsie), PERKINS Joseph, PERKINS Thomas Richard, PERKS Sir Robert William, PERKS Robert Malcolm Mewburn, PERRATON Leslie Harry, PERRIAM Alfred J, PERRETT Martha Jane, PERRY Samuel Frederick, PETCH George, PETHICK Frederick John, PETHYBRIDGE William Hampton, PETHYBRIDGE William Mudge, PHEAR James Reginald, PHELPS Charles Hamilton,

contd ................

mary elms
03-12-2007, 11:23 AM
PHILLIPS Alexander, PHILLIPS Francis James, PHILLIPS George Arnold, PHILLIPS Joseph, PHILLIPS Sister Katherine Annie, PHILLIPS William Francis, PHILLIPS William George, PHILLIPSON Henry Draper, PHILLIPSON Hugh Myrddin, PHILPOTT Nellie Frances, PHILPOTT Richard William, PHIPPS Sister Edith,

PICKARD Jonathan, PICKARD Leonard Swaine, PICKARD Ransom, PICKARD Robert, PICKEN Charles Henry, PICKERING Clarence, PICKERING John Robert, PICKERING Thomas Ernest, PICKES Albert, PICKLES Starkie, PICKUP Mrs Frederic (Mary Jane), PICKWORTH Alfred Jospeh, PICKWORTH Frederick Alfred, PIERCE Walter Lloyd, PILBROW Arthur John, PILKINGTON Edith Winifred, PILKINGTON George Hindle, PILLIDGE George Charles, PINDAR George Kyte Grice, PINKNEY Walter William, PITTAM Josiah James, PITTMAN Harry, PITTWOOD Edwin, PITTWOOD Herbert,

PLATT Thomas, PLATTS Alfred William, PLINNLEY John F E, PLOWMAN Allan Percy, POGSON Mansfield, POLLARD Henry G, POLWART Anthony S L, PONTING Henry Edmund, POOL Herbert Hewitt, POOLE Francis Jospeh, POOLEY John Henry, POPPLEWELL Joshua Apppleyard, POPPLEWELL William, PORCHER Albert Charles, PORDIGE Robert William, PORTER Alfred Ernest, PORTER Clarence William, POSABELLA-BORDIGA Giovanna, POSNETT Charles Christopher, POSNETT Leonard Walker, POTTAGE Herbert John, POTTER Albert, POTTER Arthur James, POTTER Edna Mary, POTTER Frederick Ezra, POTTS Henry, POTTS Matthew, POTTS Percy, POTTS Sarah, POTTS Thomas Arthur, POTTS William Henry, POULTNEY William Thomas, POULTON William, POWELL Frederick, POWELL Robert, POWELL Robert Lionel, POYSER George Harry,

PRATT Christopher, PRATT Frederick William, PRATT William, PRESCOTT John, PREST William Edgar, PRESTON Edward, PRESTON Tom, PRICE Benjamin, PRICE Harry, PRICE John, PRICE Joseph Jenkins, PRICE Norman Lloyd, PRICE Percy Howard, PRICE Sidney James Wilson, PRICE Thomas Slater, PRICKETT William Ewart, PRIDAY Ernest William, PRIEST Walker T, PRIESTLEY Arthur, PRIESTLEY Mrs Arthur (Gertrude), PRIESTLEY Edford, PRIESTMAN John Brandham, PRIMMETT Walter James, PRINCE Arthur, PROCTOR Hezekiah, PROFIT John Hugh, PROUD Thomas, PROUD Mrs Thomas (A A), PROWSE William Thomas, PRYKE William Wallace, PRYTHERCH John Thomas,

PUGH William Ashley, PULLEN Arthur Frank, PULLIN George, PUNTER George William, PUTTERILL William Robinson, PYLE James Herbert,

contd ..............................

mary elms
03-12-2007, 11:25 AM
QUALTROUGH John James, QUEREE Hedley Cecil,

contd ......................

mary elms
03-12-2007, 11:46 AM
RABY Harry Morgan, RADDON Hugo John, RADFORD Walter Henry, RAINE Alfred Willoughby, RAINE Jonathan, RAINE Sir Walter, RAINGER Harold F H, RALPH Charles Ernest Collins, RAMSDEN Harry, RAMSEY John Thomas, RANDALL Charles Edwin, RANDERSON Fred Dawson, RANDLES Sir John Scurrah, RANK Joseph, RANK Jospeh Arthur, RAPKINS John Brunsdon, RATCLIFFE Alfred William, RATCLIFFE Harold, RATCLIFFE James, RATCLIFFE Joseph, RATCLIFFE Wiliam Herbert, RATTENBURY Owen Alfred, RAVENSCROFT Edward Henry, RAWLING Thomas, RAWLINGS Capt. Horatio, RAWSON William Horrocks, RAWSTHORNE Samuel Henry, RAY Sidney James, RAY William, RAYNAR Joseph Percival, RAYNER Charley, RAYNER Matthew, RAYNOR Edgar Walker, RAYNOR Herbert Wilford, RAYSON George William, RAYSON John Thomas,

READ William Thelwell, READHEAD Mrs G R (Ada Annie), REANEY William Henry, REAVLEY John, REAVLEY Robert, REDALL Leonard Arthur, REDFERN Romilly Ingram, REDMAN William Firth, REED James, REED Matthew, REED Robert, REED Thomas, REEDMAN David William, REEDMAN John Noel, REES Hugh Merfyn, REES John Rawlings, REVILL Albert Clifford, REVILL-JOHNSON Ronald, REYNOLDS Daniel, REYNOLDS Harry Budgen,

RHODES David, RHODES Herbert William, RHODES Joseph, RHODES Richard Alma, RHODES William,

RIBBONS Harry, RICE Arthur, RICE Hugh, RICE Sidney, RICHARDS Arthur A, RICHARDS Francis Edward, RICHARDS Frank, RICHARDS Jabez, RICHARDS James, RICHARDS Prof Robert, RICHARDS Thomas, RICHARDSON Arthur, RICHARDSON Arthur Tait, RICHARDSON Frank, RICHARDSON John, RICHARDSON Roland, RICHARDSON Walter Henry, RICKARD Arthur P, RICKARD James Harry, RIDDY Arthur John, RIDER James, RIDER John Henry, RIDGE Arthur J, RIDGWAY, RIDLER E J, RIDLEY George William, RIDSDALE Ernest, RIGDEN Bernard, RILEY Amy, RILEY Arnold Podmore, RILEY Frank, RILEY Granville, RILEY William, RILEY Willie, RIMMER William S, RITCHIE James Barclay, RITSON John, RIVERS Frederick Richard, RIVETT Robert, RIX Leonard,

contd ........................

mary elms
22-12-2007, 7:17 PM
ROBB Norman, ROBERTS Arthur Ellis, ROBERTS Edward W, ROBERTS Edwin Charles, ROBERTS Ellis Hugheston, ROBERTS Ernest John, ROBERTS Griffith, ROBERTS Henry, ROBERTS John Eric, ROBERTS Mrs M T (Mary Ellen), ROBERTS Pierce Griffith, ROBERTS Robert, ROBERTS Robert Owen, ROBERTS Wilfred, ROBERTS William, ROBERTS William George Alder, ROBERTS William John, ROBERTSHAW William, ROBERTSON Alexander, ROBERTSON Laurence, ROBERTSON William Shera, ROBIN Theodore Geurin, ROBINS William Robert, ROBINSON Albert Ernest, ROBINSON Edward Kenneth, ROBINSON Harry, ROBINSON Harvey, ROBINSON Henry Goland, ROBINSON John, ROBINSON Margaret Osborn, ROBINSON Rennie, ROBINSON John Herbert Hedley, ROBINSON Thomas James Fear, ROBINSON Thomas Henry, ROBINSON Thomas Jones, ROBINSON Walter, ROBINSON William Bartley, ROBINSON William Mason, ROBSON Edwin, ROBSON John William, ROBSON Joseph Tim, ROBSON T, ROBSON William Henry,

ROCHESTER of Rochester - The Right Hon Lord (Ernest Henry Lamb), ROGERS Charles, ROGERS Edward William, ROGERS Ernest William, ROGERS George Frederick, ROGERS Herbert Frank, ROGERS James Aubrey, ROGERS John, ROGERS-JONES Edward, ROLFE Thomas Henry, ROLLASON William Smith, ROLLINGS Arthur Robert, ROOKER William, ROSE Alfred Wilson, ROSE Edwin, ROSE William Williams, ROSEVEARE Russell, ROSEVEARE Thomas Symons, ROSS Captain Robert, ROTHERHAM George A, ROTHWELL John, ROUNSEFELL John, ROUNSEFELL Mrs O P (Laura), ROWE Charles, ROWE Ernest James, ROWE George Middleton, ROWE George Vanner, ROWE Harold Charles, ROWE William, ROWELL Cuthbert, ROWBOTHAM Sir Thomas, ROWLAND George Edwin, ROWLAND Joseph Watson, ROWLANDS Edward Lewis, ROWLANDS Evan, ROWLEY Isaiah, ROWLEY Leonard, ROWLINSON George Henry, ROWNTREE Nathan, ROWSE Mrs Thomas (Eveline Elizabeth), ROWSE William, ROWSELL Philip Foale, ROYLE Charles, ROYLE Sir George,

RUDD Richard Henry, RUDD Robert, RUDDOCK John William, RUDKIN Sister Hilda Mary, RUMBLE Charles, RUNCIMAN Rt Hon Lord of Shoreston (Sir Walter Runciman Bart), RUNCIMAN The Rt Hon Walter, RUSH Frank William, RUSHBROOKE Frederick William, RUSHTON Frank W, RUSHWORTH William Alfred, RUSLING George William, RUSSELL Hamer, RUSSELL William, RUSHTON William Henry, RUTHERFORD John George, RUTLEDGE George A,

RYMER Edwin John Leetham,

contd ..............................

mary elms
22-12-2007, 8:24 PM
SACK Charles Alfred, SACKETT Alfred Barrett, SADLER James, SADLER Mrs Thomas (Emma), SALES William Wardle, SALTER Reuben, SALTER Thomas Edward, SAMPSON Frank Ernest, SAMPSON Frederick Herbert, SANDERS Alec, SANDERS Charles Fletcher, SANDERS Sir Charles John Ough, SANDERS Fred, SANDERS George Merrils, SANDERSON Geoffrey Mark, SANDRY John Leslie, SANDS Silas, SANGSTER Lewis, SANSOM Edward Comben, SARCHET Arthur James, SARGANT Norman Thomas Carr, SARGANT Mrs Norman (Alice Rose), SARSON Thomas, SAUNDERS Alfred, SAUNDERS John Ernest, SAUNDERS Robert James, SAUNDERS William, SAYER James Coatsworth,

SCAIFE Thomas, SCALES Mrs G McArthur (Maria Elizabeth), SCARFFE Francis Sayle, SCOBIE James Melville, SCOFFHAM Ernest Edward, SCORER John, SCOTT George, SCOTT Thomas L, SCOTT Walter, SCHOFIELD Albert, SCHOFIELD Alfred, SCHOFIELD Mrs Alfred(Mary), SCHODIELD Alfred Norman, SCHOFIELD George Turner, SCRUTTON Alfred Edward, SCRYMGEOUR Edwin, SCURR Richard William,

SEAGER Albert Edward, SEAGER John Elliot, SEAGER Sir William Henry, SEAGER Walter Seymour, SEARLE Eli James, SECCOMBE Herbert Stanley, SECCOMBE Samuel, SEDDON William Arthur, SEED Thomas, SEELEY Alfred George, SELBY Jesse, SELBY Walter, SELLWOOD Percy Hickson, SEMPERS Robert, SENIOR Charles Vincent, SENIOR Mrs C R (Margaret), SEYMOUR Albert,

contd ..............

mary elms
22-12-2007, 10:56 PM
SHACKLETON Hubert, SHADDOCK Reginald, SHADFORTH George, SHALLARD George, SHARMAN Sister Annie, SHARP Albert, SHARP Arthur Edgar, SHARP Mrs James (Elizabeth Charlotte), SHARP Sister Jessie, SHARP Lily Margaret, SHARP Richard, SHARPE Walter, SHAW Allen, SHAW Frank, SHAW Harry, SHAW John, SHAW Percy Feasey, SHAW Wm Henry, SHEARD Mrs Ariadne Joanna, SHEARMAN K E E, SHEARN Frederick Francis, SHEEN Arthur Septimus, SHELLARD Albert Evan, SHENTON Joseph, SHEPHERD Arthur, SHEPHERD E L, SHEPHERD Thomas Pearson, SHEPPARD Ivan, SHEPPARD Julius, SHEPPERD William Smedley, SHERWOOD Charles Alfred, SHIELD George William, SHILLINGTON David Graham, SHINGLES Israel, SHIRES Thomas, SHIRES Mrs Thomas (Alice), SHIRES William, SHOESMITH George, SHORLAND Frederick Charles, SHORNEY Alfred Boyden, SHORT Thomas Henry, SHORT William Henry, SHORT William John, SHORTER Albert Edward, SHORTER Dorothy Irene, SHOWELL Charles Frederick, SHREWSBURY John Holland, SHRIMPTON John, SHRUBSALL George, SHUTE James William, SHUTE Reginald Joseph Gordon, SHUTTLEWORTH Fred,

SIBLEY Frederick Charles, SIBLEY William Arthur, SIDDELL William Whitacker, SIDEBOTTOM William, SIMMONDS Albert E, SIMMONDS Charles Pickell, SIMMONS Charles James, SIMON Jurat J Alles, SIMPSON Joseph Henry, SIMPSON Thomas Henry, SIMPSON William Edmund, SINFIELD Joshua Ramsden, SIPLING Alfred Ernest, SIZER John Henry,

SKELTON George Gibson, SKELTON James A, SKINNER James, SKINNER Mrs F E (Jessie), SKINNER John William,

SLACK Agnes E, SLACK Stanley Radcliffe, SLACK William Herbert, SLADE Edward William Kittow, SLADER William Thomas, SLATER Charles William, SLATER Sister Clarice Ethel, SLATER Frederick James, SLATER Harry Ward, SLATER John Robert, SLATER Joseph, SLATER Reginald Hugh, SLATER Thomas, SLATER Thomas Ivatt, SLATTER Harold William, SLEE Thomas James, SLEIGHTHOLM Thomas,

contd ............................

mary elms
26-01-2008, 9:43 AM
SMAILES Richard, SMALL Walter J T, SMALL William Henry, SMALLWOOD James, SMART William James, SMEATON Archibald J, SMETHAM Tom,

SMITH Aaron, SMITH Albert E, SMITH Alfred, SMITH Alfred Hanley, SMITH A Jackson, SMITH Bernard Hughes, SMITH Cecil T, SMITH Charles Josephus, SMITH Charles Ryder, SMITH David Howard, SMITH Edward, SMITH Edward Grieves, SMITH Edward Lightwood, SMITH Edwin William, SMITH Ernest, SMITH E Thornton, SMITH Franklyn George, SMITH Fred, SMITH Fred A, SMITH Frederick Thomas, SMITH Frederick William, SMITH Frederick William Bishop, SMITH George, SMITH George Douglas Ryder, SMITH George Harry, SMITH George Samuel, SMITH G Jarvis, SMITH Granvillie Sydney, SMITH Harold Walter, SMITH Henry Chadwick, SMITH Henry, SMITH Herbert, SMITH Herbert William, SMITH Horace, SMITH James Leonard, SMITH J Arthur, SMITH John, SMITH Joseph Riddell, SMITH J T Frederick, SMITH J William, SMITH Marmaduke Roy, SMITH Norman E, SMITH Owen William, SMITH Percy Hulse, SMITH Reginal James, SMITH Reginal North, SMITH Sherwin, SMITH S K Samuel, SMITH Stanley Bancroft, SMITH Theophilus A, SMITH Thomas, SMITH W Galloway, SMITH W Hewitt, SMITH William, SMITH William Beddard, SMITH William Bertrand, SMITH William Ernest, SMITH William Hodson, SMITH William J, SMITH William Jesse, SMITH William Osborne, SMITH William Reuben, SMITH William Sinclair,

SMITHSON Thomas, SMYTH William Henry,

contd ............

mary elms
26-01-2008, 10:19 AM
SNAPE George William, SNAPE Henry Lloyd, SNEATH William Charles, SNELL Ernest Johns, SNELL Samuel Serpell, SNELLGROVE John, SNOWDEN John Henry, SNOWDEN Tom, SNOOK Caleb Tom, SNOOK Ewart, SOLOMON Richard, SOPER Richard John, SORRELL George, SOUTH George Hubert, SOUTH Sydney Raymond, SOUTHWARD William Charles, SOUTTER Henry Raymond, SOWTON Stanley,

SPARK John, SPARK Ralph, SPEDDING Charles Robert, SPEED Henry, SPEED Samuel, SPENCE Emanuel, SPENCE William, SPENCER Albert Greaves, SPENCER Alfred Henry, SPENCER Frederick William, SPENCER John Teasdale, SPICER William Jesse, SPINK Reginald Victor, SPIVEY Thomas Wood,


STABLEFORD Samuel John S, STABLER George, STACEY Herbert Gleeson, STAFFORD Frederick, STAFFORD Robert, STALEY Howard Marcus, STALKER William Henry, STAMP Sir Josiah Charles, STAMP Wilfred Carlyle, STAMPE Bernard Coatsworth, STANDING Capt Alfred, STANDING George Richard, STANDING William Wilson, STANFORD William, STANLEY Alan Clapham, STANLEY Francis Charles, STANSFIELD Fred, STAPLETON John Henry, STARK James, STARKIE Thomas Smith, STARKIE William Lewis, STARLING Edwin Alfred, STARLING Walter, STARMER Sir Charles Walter, STARMONTH John, STATHER Robert, STATHERS Robert William,

STEAD Alfred, STEAD Elizabeth Firth, STEAD John A, STEDMAN Joseph, STEED Arthur, STEEL George Henry Warburton, STEEVENS William Arthur, STENLAKE John Rickle, STEPHEN Richard F, STEPHENS Sister Gwendoline Elsie May, STEPHENS John Runciman, STEPHENS Thomas, STEPHENSON Charles, STEPHENSON Sister Gladys Ethel, STEPHENSON William, STEVENS Arthur Moyle, STEVENS Clifford Robert John, STEVENS Jesse Francis, STEVENS William Ewart, STEVENSON Allan, STEVENSON Ellis, STEVENSON William Neilson, STEVENSON Mrs William N (Lillie M), STEWART Thomas Dormand,

STIRK John George, STOAKLEY Albert Victor, STOATE John, STOCK Peter, STOCKING Allen Edwin, STOCKS Alexander Oldfield, STOKES Robert William, STONE Henry Girling, STONEMAN William Henry, STOREY George Henry, STOREY John, STOREY John Wesley, STOREY Thomas, STOREY Mrs Thomas, STORR William Andrew, STRANGE Albert James, STRANGE Arthur Robert, STRANGER Richard Northcott, STRATHEARN Madame Jessie, STRAWSON Fred, STREET Ezra Mark, STREET John Edward, STREET Sydney Charles, STREET Walter Charles, STRINGER Jennie, STROUT George John, STUBBINS Henry Edward, STUBBS Clement Massey, STUBBS George, STUBBS George William, STUBBS Joseph H, STURDY William Arthur, STURGESS Arthur, STYAN Minnie,

SUGDEN Sister Frances E, SUGDEN Ira, SUGDEN William, SULLY F, SUMMERTON Capt Thomas William, SUNDERLAND Fred, SUNLEY Thomas, SURTEES Henry Wardale, SUTCLIFFE Arthur Edward, SUTCLIFFE George, SUTCLIFFE George G O, SUTCLIFFE Mrs G G O (Margarette Piercy), SUTCLIFFE James Ormerod, SUTCLIFFE Walter Francis, SUTCLIFFE Willie, SUTHERLAND Sir Arthur Munro, SUTTON Hubert, SUTTON John Joseph, SUTTON Nathan Webb, SUTTON Oliver, SUTTON Thomas Alfred Victor, SUTTON William James,

SWAN William Millar, SWEET John Moon, SWEET Joseph Hilton, SWIDENBANK George, SWINBURNE William Stokoe, SWINNERTON Henry Hurd, SWIRE Harry Greenwood, SWIRE William, SYER Major William Robert, SYKES John Fletcher, SYKES Miss M A, SYKES William, SYLVESTER Albert, SYMONS Frank Cory,

contd .........................

mary elms
24-05-2008, 7:43 PM
TABB Mrs Henry S (Constance Margaret), TACKABERRY Nathaniel, Tait Robert, TALBOT Alexander William, TALBOT Frank Heyworth, TAMBLYN Thomas Cobden, TAMBLYN Tom Cobden, TANKARD Joseph, TANKARD Lawrence, TATE Edward H, TATNER Harry James, TAUNTON Mrs Raymond (Mabel Dora), TAVENER William Sidney,

TAYLER Albert H, TAYLOR Alfred, TAYLOR Arthur, TAYLOR Benson, TAYLOR Cecil T M, TAYLOR Charles, TAYLOR Charles Victor, TAYLOR Charles William, TAYLOR Sister Esther, TAYLOR Francis W, TAYLOR Frederick George, TAYLOR George, TAYLOR George William, TAYLOR Harry Rawlings, TAYLOR Ivan Maxwell, TAYLOR James, TAYLOR John, TAYLOR Mrs R Watson (Emma), TAYLOR Samuel, TAYLOR Thomas, TAYLOR Tom, TAYLOR William, TAYLOR William George, TAYLOR William Munton,

TEARE Robert Arminius Beaumont, TEE Harry George, TELFORD William, TEMPLE James, TEMPLE John Robinson, TEMPLE Mortimer, TEMPLE sydney, TENCH Samuel, TENNANT Edmund Slinger, TENNANT John T, TENNANT William Arthur, TERRY Darley, TETLEY Edward,

THACKER Walter, THEAKER Luke William, THOMAS Alfred Harry, THOMAS Andrew Allen, THOMAS Mrs Bevan (Mabel), THOMAS David, THOMAS David Edward, THOMAS Edgar, THOMAS Evan Bevan, THOMAS Frederick George, THOMAS Henry, THOMAS Henry Esmond, THOMAS John William, THOMAS Leonard E, THOMAS Richard Henry, THOMAS Thomas, THOMAS Wallace, THOMAS william, THOMAS William E, THOMAS William Ewart, THOMAS William John,

THOMPSON Arthur, THOMPSON Charles Robert, THOMPSON Frederick, THOMPSON George, THOMPSON James C, THOMPSON John, THOMPSON John Henry, THOMPSON John T, THOMPSON Lawrence, THOMPSON Luke, THOMPSON Mary M, THOMPSON Matthew, THOMPSON Jusge Owen, THOMPSON Mrs Owen (Margaret S), THOMPSON Robert Chalton, THOMAS Robert, THOMPSON Walter, THOMPSON William, THOMPSON William Tweddle, THOMSON Sir Francis Vernon, THOMSON William Thomas,

THORNLEY Joseph Bennet, THORNTON Charles Ernest, THORNTON William Alexander, THORNTON William Henry, THORP Edward, THORP Lawrence Gordon, THORPE Ned, THURLBOURN-COOK Arthur, THURGOOD Thomas, THURMAN George Hickling, THWAITES John Foster,

contd ....................

mary elms
24-05-2008, 8:07 PM
TIDMARSH Henry Edward, TIFFIN Joseph Henry, TILDESLEY Reginald, TILL Elijah, TILLEY Edward William, TILLEY John May, TILLEY William Norris, TIMPERLEY Percy, TINDALE Charles, TINKLER George William, TIPPING William, TIPPLE Mrs S R (Lucy Caroline), TITLEY Frederick,

TOD Marcus Neibuhr, TOD Mrs Marcus Neibuhr (Mabel Bowker), TODD David, TODD Edward George, TODD Sister Emeline, TODD Lillian Florence, TODD Sister Mabel Gray, TOLSON John Edwin, TOLSON Richard, TOLSON-SHAW Jane Elizabeth, TOLTON Sampson Place, TOMLINSON Amos, TOMLINSON Sister Annie, TOMLINSON Herbert, TOMLINSON John, TOMLINSON John Barker, TOMLINSON John William, TOMLINSON Robert Parkinson, TONKIN John, TOOLE William, TOOTH Sydney George, TOOTHILL Walter Russell, TOPPING Sister Fannie, TORRIE Alfred, TORY George Harry, TOWLE Samuel, TOWLER Walter, TOWLSON Clifford William, TOWNE Leonard, TOWNEND, George William, TOWNEND Harry Claude, TOWNEND James Henry, TOWNEND John, TOWNEND Percy, TOWNSEND Richard Walker, TOWNSON Joseph Edgar, TOY Henry, TOY H Spencer, TOYN Richard Thomas Millington, TOZER Frederick Edmonds,

TRAFFORD John Bernard Charles, TRAMBATH John Samuel, TRAVERS John Aplin, TREGONING Edward Mallinson, TRELEVEN James Henry, TREMBERTH Sister Dorothy, TRESEDER Sister Olive Willard, TREVASKIS Henry NoelL, TREVOR Frederick William, TREW Frank, TREWERN William, TRIM Edwin, TRIMINGHAM George Thomas, TRIMINGHAM Herbert, TRINEMAN Sister Nora, TROTMAN Alfred Henry, TROWER Robert William, TRUMAN William, TRUMP Robert William,

TUCK Archibald Leslie, TUCK Frederick James, TUCKER Charles H Boden, TUCKER Ephraim John, TUCKER Frederick, TUCKER Richard, TUCKER Stanley Horwood, TUCKER Susie Irene, TUCKWELL Christopher John, TULLY Ernest Alfred, TUNLEY Wilson Martin, TUNNARD Joseph Andrews, TURLEY Alfred George, TURNBULL Henry Theodore, TURNBULL James, TURNER Albert Edward Mann, TURNER Alfred, TURNER Frederick Hewitt, TURNER George Creswell, TURNER George Henry Mann, TURNER James Edward, TURNER John Henry, TURNER John Herbert, TURNER Sir Joseph, TURNER Percival John Mann, TURNER Mrs Thomas W (Ellen), TURNER Wilfred, TURNEY Mrs T Lloyd (Ellen), TURRILL William Banbury, TURTLE Arthur Thomas, TURVEY George Kedgwin, TUTILL John,

TYRER Robert George, TYSON John James,

contd .....................

mary elms
26-05-2008, 12:42 PM
UNDERWOOD Ernest Albert, UNSWORTH Joel, UPSON Arthur, USHER Herbert,

contd ...................

mary elms
26-05-2008, 12:48 PM
VALETTE L J, VARLEY Arthur, VAUGHAN David John, VAUGHAN Mrs David John (Margaret Kathleen), VEALL Harry, VENNING Sidney Dunstan, VERINDER Samuel Henry, VERNON Arthur Thomas, VERNON Godfrey, VERNON Stanley Thomas, VERNON Walter J, VICKERS Frederick, VICKERS Mrs George (Hannah Maria), VILE Arthur John Henry, VINCENT Alfred Charles, VINCENT Richard John, VINE Richard, VINER Caleb Alban, VINNICOMBE John H, VINSON Sister Charlotte, VINTER Herbert William, VIVIAN Thomas Leonard, VOLCKMAN Norman Perks, VOLCKMAN Robert Hugh, VON BERG Clement, VOSPER Canning,


02-08-2008, 2:29 AM
Mary I was looking at the names on this list and saw Sidney Davies. This may be my father. He, I think was a lay person/minister before he came to the US to get his degrees and became a Methodist Minister. Is there any other information besides the name? Can you get copies of this information on line?
Connie Cooper

mary elms
02-08-2008, 9:23 AM
Hello Connie,

The entry for Sidney DAVIES in the 1933 Who's Who of Methodism reads -

DAVIES, Sidney, F.S.I. b. 1894 at Lye, Worcs. (U) ed. K.E.G.S., Stourbridge. m. Alice Evelyn Gibson, of Stourbridge, one d. Architect and Surveyor, Trust Sec., B'ham and Dudley Dist; Mem. Connex. Chap. Comm. Address, 21 Hagley Road, Stourbridge. Tel. Stourbridge 57336

The abbreviations as listed in the front of the book are -

b. - born
U - United Methodist (the denomination he belonged to before Union)
m. - married
d. - daughter
Sec. - Secretary
B'ham - Birmingham
Dist. - District
Mem. - Member
Connex. - Connexional
Comm. - Committee

Tel. isn't on the list but means Telephone
Chap. isn't on the list. Some possibilities are Chaplain or Chapel.

I also checked the 1934 Local preachers' Who Who but there's no Sidney DAVIES in there either as an accredited preacher or as a preacher on trial (i.e. in training). Neither is there a Sidney DAVIES in the list of ministers. This is the only one listed at this time.

Your other question was where to find the book -

There are still plenty of copies of the book out there to be bought. Google Books also have it on their list. If you're interested in more than one entry it's worth getting.


PS - For those reading this who are in the UK - You're local library may be able to borrow a copy for you for a small fee.

01-04-2014, 10:56 PM
I am unable to access via this link, do you know if it has been changed. I am keen to access lay preacher information in search if my late grandfather. Mr H B Willis who was a lay preacher in the Ross on Wye area at this time. Many thanks

Lesley Robertson
02-04-2014, 1:07 PM
Sadly, the links in message 1 are not active any more.

The Methodist Archives now seem to be at the University of Manchester Library. The information page is HERE (http://www.library.manchester.ac.uk/searchresources/guidetospecialcollections/methodist/).
Sadly, I can't find the book "Who's Who in Methodism 1933 - Index of Lay Officers" there. It's also not on the Internet Archives or Google Books.

03-04-2014, 10:21 AM
Is this one of the books? Title wording slightly changed?