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21-08-2005, 12:39 PM
This is my first message so many apologies if I have put it in the wrong place but here goes

I have found from the 1851 Census for Loughborough, LEI that my great great grandfather John YOUNG was born in ‘Fifeshire, Scotland.’ By 1861 the family were living in St Mary’s, Nottingham and I was hoping the entry would indicate which town or village he was born in but it just says Scotland. By 1871 he had died. From his age on the 1851 Census he would have been born c.1803/04 but a quick glance at the IGI shows me that there were many John Youngs born in Fife at this time. Thinking that there may have had to have been a settlement certificate, John YOUNG was a tailor, I contacted the Leicestershire Record Office, but there was nothing in the indexes. I just wondered if there would have been any settlement records in Fife, Scotland? I’m not sure which end of the process the records would be, in the parish of birth or the one the person moved to or both?
I’d be grateful for any comments on where I might look next to find out where in Fife John YOUNG was born.

Thanks, Rosie

Chasing Caseys
21-08-2005, 1:34 PM
Hello Rosie

Scotlands People, you should be able to find his birth on the OPR although you cant view the actual entry it will still say who the parents were. I did look at the Wills and Testaments and there are 59 for a John Young death date ranging between 1861 - 1871 two of which are in Cupar Fife. Also, doing a quick name search for John on S/P there are 50 born between 1803/4 but thats is without putting a birth place in as you cant put Fife as it isnt an option, so you may find him on that. I couldnt view it as i have no credits left !


21-08-2005, 2:04 PM
Hi Rosie
Found a possible entry in the 1841 census:
HO107/1196/3 folio 13, Dealeys Buildiing, Himley rd, Dudley, Worcs
John Young 35 tailor S
Mary Young 25 N
Mary Young 1 Y
Thos Young 2mo Y

[John born Scotland, Mary snr outside county, Mary jnr & Thos inside County)

21-08-2005, 5:59 PM
Hello Tracey & Wirral – thanks both of you for your help and advice. I will have a look at the Scotland people site and see what I can find re John Young’s birth – he had certainly moved from Scotland by 1828 as he was married in Loughborough in that year to Maria Parkinson. I don’t know if he moved as a child with his family or later as a young man to find work. I assume he died in the LEI or NTT region as Maria is a widow visiting her daughter in Long Eaton, DBY in 1871 – I have recently found a possible death in 1870 in Basford, Notts which may be him.

I think this is going to take some time. Thanks again


01-09-2005, 11:17 PM
In the probate indexes there is the will of a John Young late of Walmer Terrace, Wellington St in the parish of Lenton in the county of Notts, but he was a printer, deceased 30 Nov 1870. Couldn't see another John Young who died in Notts in 1870/1.