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02-04-2012, 5:11 AM
Can anyone please give me some advise on how I can find the ship John Crook his wife Emma and seven children sailed on from England to the USA in 1881.They would have paid there own fares the family story goes they arrived in New York. I don't know the date of departure but have narrowed it down to after the April 1881 census were taken because John is shown as a photographer living in Commercial Street, Civil Parish Westbury On Severn - East Dean, Gloucestershire.I also found in the Gloucestershire Mercury News Paper May 6th 1881 an Auction of all their house hold goods in it it said " House hold goods of Mr J.Crook who has left the neighbourhood etc etc ". By February 1882 they were living in Rockwood Tennesse where their eldest child die from the Typhoid epedemic. Regards Kilrudden.

02-04-2012, 8:26 AM
Hi there,

I have just checked the passenger lists for those who entered America through the Castle Garden Immigration Centre (Ellis Island did not open until 1892), but the only people with the surname CROOK came through in 1893 - and they were from Aylesbury. :no:

02-04-2012, 10:08 AM
I also had a look through passenger lists and came up with nothing via New York.

However, if you google: rmszealandia 1884 , this steamship lists passengers John Crook age 44 England, Colliery prop/photographer and Hatter along with wife Emma and 7 children.

There is also an account of their travels from Gloucester UK to Auckland (via USA) as told by the g/daughter Margery Middleton.

You say family settled in Tennessee, this says Wyoming where "Emma's eldest daughter Winnie died of Typhoid" (and her remains are buried somewhere in Wyoming)

I think its probably your family.

There is a link on that site to an email if you'd like more info.


05-04-2012, 3:43 AM
Rebecca, Thanks for what you have done.I have all that the information,the Crooks lived in Tennessee not Wyoming that story was written by an elderly aunt who has since died.I have a copy of the original family bible the entry in it was written by Emma Crook which states Rockwood Tennessee. Do you know if they could have arrived into the USA via another port?. Killrudden

05-04-2012, 3:46 AM
Hi Jan 1954, Thankyou for helping me the Crooks did go to the USA in the times I stated.I feel if they paid their fare we may never find what ship they were on. Kilrudden.

27-04-2012, 1:42 PM
Hi, I am trying to find information about a business T. Crook & Sons from England. Around 1873 they had an employee called W. Parsons. That's all I have to go on, I would be most grateful for any leads. Kind Regards All.

27-04-2012, 2:14 PM
Any familiar names in this 1881/1882 passenger list ?

CROOK HARRIE 7 F 31 May 1881
CROOK MALVEIA 5 F 31 May 1881
CROOK REBECCA 30 F 31 May 1881
CROOK STEPHEN 32 M 31 May 1881
CROOK EDWARD 30 M 11 Jul 1881
CROOK GEORGE 33 M 11 Oct 1881
CROOK JANE 32 F 11 Oct 1881
CROOK LOUIS 30 M 7 Jul 1881
CROOK CAROLINE 60 F 8 May 1882
CROOK RICHARD L. 60 M 8 May 1882
CROOK MR. 54 M 15 Oct 1881
CROOK MRS. 54 F 15 Oct 1881
CROOK JOHN 30 M 25 Apr 1882
CROOK ROBERT 25 M 25 Apr 1882
CROOK AGNES 26 F 22 May 1882
CROOK EDWARD 30 M 22 May 1882
CROOK EDWARD 6 m M 22 May 1882
CROOK MARGARET 6 F 22 May 1882

28-04-2012, 9:44 PM
Sorry none of those names with their ages relate to my family.The names I'm looking for are John Crook 41,Emma 34,Winifred 11,Emmeline (Maud) 9,Gwendolene (Connie) 7,Ada (Lillian) 5,Eleanor (Nellie) 4,John 3 and Walter 1. Thank-you, Kilrudden.