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19-06-2010, 1:12 PM
My mum gave me a gigantic old photo album full to the brim of wonderful pictures of some of our relatives so I am having a lovely time trying to work out who all these people are. Anyway, the very first photo is the one I've attached below


My most immediate thought is that they are the four children of the pesky and elusive James Warren whom I have been searching for but there are no obvious clues on the photograph, and no photographer's name that I could see.

My best guess with the people in the photo are...

Mary Ann b 1836 (obvious, :))
Joshua b 1838 (white suit)
James b 1841 (Abraham Lincoln beard)
Edwin b 1847 (younger looking one with the goatee)

I was thinking that they may have had a picture taken either just before the first one got married, which would be in the mid 1860s or before James went back to Tasmania (1876-8)

What does anyone else think??? I've made some assumptions on who's who in the photo - and I suppose I am assuming it is the family I think it is! But hey, if the dates feel right with their ages - how cool would that be!



PS: When people got a wedding photo taken in the olden days, did they do it on the day of their wedding? Or is it possible that it was done further down the track???