View Full Version : So where did they come from?

01-02-2010, 12:32 AM
I doubt I will ever trace my Scottish families across the pond, but I would love to know what areas of the country are the old ancestral homes of my Scottish families.
I know my McCurdy likely came from Ireland to the states, but where were they originally from, his family likely came with many scottish immigrants to South Carolina in the 1700's? The Malone's and Ard's are two other families closely associated with mine, following the same migratory route. There were also McMillans, Campbells and Bowens there, and the Cobbs, but I don't know what country they came from.

My Pyburn comes from a John who died in 1725 in Maryland, but where is the ancestral home? My Pyburn married a Mullis, I am not sure, I think that may be an English name...

The Rogers family I descend from was also Scottish in origin. We think the Adams was too, our biggest clue was he may have been a McADams..we just can't find the bugger.

The Riddle I came from was also supposed to be a Scotsman. I think the Hall counterpart may have been English though. We also have a Gardner in the mix. I know that name probably came from his occupation though...

All of these families were in the states before the American Revolution, so getting to that ancestor is a feat, I doubt I will find the name of the emigrant who crossed the pond..nevertheless, I would love to be able to talk about where they came from and research the area for my book on the family...

Any help would be appreciated.