View Full Version : Missing Symmons children

Ms Tarfgi
27-01-2010, 4:36 PM
My G G Grandparents Thomas Symmons (many variations of Symmons used at different times) and Martha Rowland were born in 1771 in Mathry and 1774 in Letterston respectively.

They were married in 1796 (in Mathry) and first child Mary was also born in 1796. Another daughter Ann was born in 1799, both born in Letterston. The next child I can find was my G Grandfather Levi in 1813. Thomas and Martha were still living together in 1851, so there was no second marriage.

There are several Symmons children born in the vicinity in the 1820s, with fathers recorded in marriage certificates as Thomas Symmons,but poor Martha would have been in her 50s when they were born. One, another Thomas even moved into the farm (as an ag lab) where Levi (ag lab) and family had lived until they moved to Neath in c 1848.

Ruth b 1820, Thomas b.1824 and Charles b 1827 are all strong possibilities as relations: same Christian names used for their children, family names as witnesses in marriage certs, all living close etc. But their dates of birth seem rather late for them to be siblings of Levi.

I wonder if the Thomas who is recorded as their father is a brother of Levi. Unfortunately I can find no Thomas born between about 1800 and 1810 who fits the bill. He would at least help fill the gap between 1799 and 1813 when there were no children born to Thomas and Martha.

Did they go off each other big time during those years, :( I can find no record of either of them being in prison! I know that if children die young, they can be very difficult to trace, especially before 1837.


Any ideas?