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08-01-2010, 7:11 PM
hello.....please does anyone have access to the original parish records of wrangle? I am looking for the birth/baptism of ann hoyles b 1807/08 in wrangle. think she is prob the daughter of isaac hoyles. isaac seems to be the only male hoyles having children in that period. it also seems that he had three wives and children with all of them.
my ann hoyles married anthony densell johnson in wrangle in 1828. I have seen the original record (at the lds in kensington), and ann hoyles is spinster, of this parish. no fathers names are given and the witnesses were william horton and wm h hall. (if I am right about isaac marrying three times, his third wife was ann horton.)
ann and densil named one of their sons isaac. have often come across children that are not on the igi, so am not that fussed that ann hoyles doesn't tip up on it. there is always the possibility that ann was illegitemate and that her mother was a hoyles. I would love to know for certain if isaac is her father, and if not who her parents were!!
would truly appreciate any help in tracking down ann hoyles birth and parentage. many thanks. jane