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22-09-2009, 1:46 PM
I am currently trying to find ANY information about my great-grandfather.
I know that he was William Edward Peel, born 1872/3. On his marriage certificate it says that his father was John Peel, a retired carerer. I have been told that Wm was definitely Irish - although I have one person telling me they thought Southern Irish, and another saying he was from County Down. Have the borders changed? Wiki says Down is in Northern Ireland?
Thanks a lot!

22-09-2009, 1:57 PM
Down is in Northern Ireland - but don't forget, there was no 'southern Ireland' when he was born. Partition was in 1921 , with the free state (what we now call the Republic of Ireland) being created in 1922

22-09-2009, 2:00 PM
Ah, I hadn't thought of that! Nice one, thanks!