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26-02-2009, 4:10 PM
I have been researching my family and my husband's family since 2005. My husband's family the Cochrane's from Scotland and England have been very difficult to get much information on as I have to go back to the mid 1800 for any family members as my father-in-law was an only child and his father had three siblings who never married.

Researching can be very addicting but rewarding so we must not get discouraged.


26-02-2009, 4:17 PM
Hello Jean and a warm welcome to Brit-Gen |wave|

You have certainly come to the right place to join other addicted family history researchers! So, settle yourself back, kick off those shoes and have a good old rootle round. When you find the most appropriate forums, post those questions and the members will leap in to see how they can help.

Enjoy yourself!