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21-02-2009, 7:12 PM
Have been researching my lines since I came back to UK from Zimbabwe in 2000 but seriously got going about a year ago.

Found some old photos and worked from them, found the people on the 1901 census then found a great-grandson of one of the people! Great joy!

Still looking for Irish ancestors Allen, Chapman as well as Braham, Sharp in England and Surridge, Keightley, Bruce and Ronaldson in South Africa!


21-02-2009, 7:16 PM
Hello Jackie and welcome to Brit-Gen |wave|

Old photographs are wonderful, aren't they? Every one tells a story. Get yourself comfy and have a good old fossick round. Post your questions on the appropriate boards and I am sure that the good folk here will leap in to help.

Enjoy yourself!