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ET in the USA
19-02-2009, 1:08 AM
In 1906, my husband's Grandmother married a person named Septimus McClure. No one had any idea about this because he didn't seem to hang around & in 1914 & 1916 she had 2 children with what everyone assumed was her husband. In 1917 she finally married 'her husband' [she was shown as a widow] & had 2 further children. I discovered this 1st marriage & have been trying to find out where he went, as the 1901 census & the 1906 marriage seem to be his last sightings [not on 1911 census].

I have just discovered that Septimus' brother, Charles Thomas McClure went to South Africa in about 1905, based on several sources.

1st Source: 1911 British Medical Register Page 961 -
Name: Charles Thomas McClure
Address: Koffyfontein, Orange River Colony
Date of Registration: 1900, Feb 5 E
Qualifications: Lic. R. Coll. Phys. Lond., 1900 & Mem. R. Coll. Surg. Eng., 1900.
2nd Source: An item in the South African Medical record, probably from 1912, since his birth year 1875 + his age 37 = 1912. Only date on the item is August 24.

"We greatly regret to hear of the death of this practitioner, which occurred at Koffyfontein on the 20th inst., from enteric.
Dr. McClure was a London Hospital student. and took his Conjoint Diploma in 1900. Owing to some signs of tuberculous trouble, he came out to this country in 1905, and, after doing locums for a few months acquired a practice at Kimberley in the same year.
He remained there until the middle of 1908, when he left to take up a partnership with Dr. C. W. Hunter,of Koffyfontein, where he practised until his death. He was about 37 years of age, and leaves a widow
and three young children. to whom we tender our sincere sympathy. "

3rd Source - but only a small amout of this displays, is from a 1912 publication by Freemasons. Quatuor Coronati Lodge, no. 2076, London which states "Dr. Charles Thomas McClure. of Koffyfontein, Orange Free State, a member of the Richard Giddy Lodge No. 1574, who joined the Correspondence Circle in " and then the digitized image stops, because the entire book isn't available. Is this an obituary ?

Searching the archives of the SA mailing lists I found 2 references.

1. 22 Aug 1908 Departures, Per the R.M.S. Briton sailing from Southhampton today:
Cape Town
Mr. R. S. McClure [Charles & Septimus had a brother Randolph Shaw McClure born 1883 & married in Feb 1905.]

2. 4 September 1909 Arrivals -Per the S.S. Avondal Castle which arrived at Southhampton on Wednesday:

Mrs. McClure


If anyone has sources they can check or ideas for further searching, please let me know.


19-02-2009, 1:21 PM
Searching the archives of the SA mailing lists I found 2 references.

1. 22 Aug 1908 Departures, Per the R.M.S. Briton sailing from Southhampton today
Cape Town

The outward passenger lists in BT27 available on findmypast record the following McClures in 1908 embarking at Southmapton and bound for South Africa:
11 Jan 1908 - Union Castle line - ship 'Guelph.' - 1st cabin
Mr R and Mrs McClure - Scottish husband and wife; and Miss K McClure (aged 12 and up) all bound for Cape

22 Aug 1908 - Union Caslte line - ship 'Briton' - 2nd class
Mr McClure - Scottish, bound for Cape

17 Oct 1908 - Union Castle line - ship 'German' - 2nd class
Mr and Mrs R McClure - Scottish husband and wife bound for Cape

Note that no other detail is given to identify the individuals travelling. None of these entries refer to Mr R S McClure.

Searching passenger lists for Septimus McClure 1906-1910
12 Feb 1910 - Union Castle Line - ship 'Armadale Castle'
Mr S McClure - Scottish, travelled alone embarking Southampton and bound for Cape

5 Nov 1910 - Union Castle Line - ship 'Dunluce Castle'
Mr S McClure - Scottish, a miner, travelled alone embarking Southampton and bound for Natal

Sue Mackay
19-02-2009, 1:45 PM
This looks like the death notice (http://www.national.archsrch.gov.za/sm300cv/smws/sm30ddf0?20090219144200F1971F4B&DN=00000002) of Charles McLure from the SA National Archives catalogue. Eggenote means spouse and Gane was her maiden name.

As this is the Free State you can order a digital copy via http://www.eggsa.org/

ET in the USA
19-02-2009, 6:11 PM
Thanks. Perhaps it is a red herring thinking that Randolph & Septimus, neither of whom are on the 1911 census [Randolph might be when I get some credits, but Septimus isn't for sure - I think :confused: ] went to SA because their brother did &/or to help the widow come home with 3 children.

As far as the passenger lists are concerned - no cigar !

Dr. Thomas McClure was born abt 1847 - 1848 in Ireland [The father]

Dr. Charles Thomas McClure was born 1875 in Worle, Somerset.

Randolph Shaw McClure was born 1883 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, as was Septimus in 1884.

There was also a Dr. Walter St. Claire McClure born 1881 in Worle who stayed in England & shows up in the medical registers until 1951
and Charles Richardson McClure born 1901 & Qualified in 1923 who stays pretty much in London until at least 1959. He is the son of Charles Thomas who died in SA.

The last Dr. McClure on the An**y medical registers is John Lawe... McClure who qualified in 1955 & is at the same address in 1959 as Charles Richardson - so probably his son.

As for the death notice - that is right on.
Charles Thomas McClure married Gertrude Gane in 1900, but I only find births for 2 of the 3 [or 4] children.
Charles Richardson McClure born 1901 in New Whittington, Derbyshire [Chesterfield District]
& Elizabeth W. McClure registered Jun Qtr 1913 -Gane - Hackney 1b 751.

I have no info on Elizabeth other than the fact that her mother's maiden name is Gane, so assume she is the child of Charles Thomas who died in 1912. Perhaps the child was born at sea & registered when they got home or conceived on his death bed & born as early as April 1 in London.

Are there any SA births in the records ? I haven't found them if there are. If child No. 1 was Reg Jun Qtr 1901 & child No. 3 [or 4? would they say "widow & 3 children" if she was barely pregnant] reg Jun Qtr 1913, and they went to SA about 1905 - then there could easily be a child or 2 between 1905 & 1912.