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13-02-2009, 11:06 AM
Hi everyone,
I'm taking a break from my English lot while I'm waiting for a cert, and have decided to look into my Irish hubbie's family. Half the family emigrated to USA in the early 20th century and I've got a lot of that detail as it was only 2 generations ago and I actually met 2 of the 4 sibs (that left) before they died. It's their parents and further back who remained in Ireland that are causing the most headaches! I have found hints to who else may well be family of the older generation, by way of the records on the younger ones, and these hints if they turn out fruitful, may shed some light to the family make up/links back in Ireland.
Sorry - my explanation is a bit double dutch!!

The record that I'm most interested in at the moment is:
Madge Lynch passenger on the Ship Celtic which arrived at Ellis Island on 20th June 1921
Age at arrival 16 years, 1 month.
She was going to her Aunt, Mrs Mary Lynch 105 Maddison St New York City, NY and interestingly her Uncle is recorded as paying for the trip ($25), so this could be the said Mary Lynch's husband.

My request for help surrounds this Mary Lynch and if she appears in the 1920 census (just a year earlier than Madge's arrival), so I was hoping some kind soul might be able to do a look up? I don't have any further details on her or the uncle but I imagine Mary would be around 35yo or so. I don't know if she was from Ireland originally, but if my logic is correct, her husband should be!

Thanks very much for reading!

13-02-2009, 1:11 PM
Family Search's Pilot (at http://pilot.familysearch.org/) has the 1920 US Census available but I cannot find a Mary LYNCH in New York.

13-02-2009, 1:17 PM
I didn't realise the pilot site had access to USA census! Thanks for that, and the look up! I did try A###### for that census, but I don't have a subscription and there seemed to be a lot of Mary Lynch's in New York?? Maybe I've got it wrong though? Does the "pilot" mean that not ALL info is currently available on it?

Sue Mackay
13-02-2009, 1:47 PM
I have access to the US census on Ancestry. I have found a Madge Lynch on the 1930 census in Manhatten (district 488) - sadly US census returns don't give the exact address.

Joan SMITH Head 21 Irish
Madge LYNCH Cousin 20 Irish
Both appear to be working as fillers in what looks like Creams (under type of industry)

There are quite a few Mary Lynches listed in 1920 with Ireland as place of birth. Perhaps someone in the US who has a better knowledge of NY districts will be able to pinpoint the right ED for that address and help narrow the field.

13-02-2009, 2:09 PM
Thanks for the lookup!

Sorry, I should have said that Madge was her nicname (but primarily used). Her name was actually Margaret. I'm thinking the age is out by around 5 years? But another lead to follow and another potential in the family tree! I'm actually scurrying through my notes here but I know she married Gerald McGrath in the US but I can't find the date to tell you at this stage! I know she worked as a domestic for at least some of the time (if not most of her life) and she lived most of her life in the Bronx.

I think you're right though - we need someone in the US with knowledge of the NYC districts so we can narrow down a few of these Mary Lynchs! I had a look on Google maps and the address appears to be right near the Manhattan Bridge, between that and the Brooklyn bridge if people know that area. I think it's actually Manhattan but my knowledge of NYC is limited to Sex and the City landmarks!!!! :)

Sue Mackay
13-02-2009, 2:16 PM
Actually, looking at it again, or rather squinting at it again, as US census returns seem to cram three times the number of columns into the same space as we do, the Madge Lynch I found seemed to have reached the US in 1928 not 1921. Sorry!

13-02-2009, 8:04 PM
Ok. I should mention that I like exploring and sometimes I end up finding things that may not be exactly what you are looking for but...well...you'll see what I mean!

I googled and found a map showing 105 Maddison St New York City

Not satisfied with that I had a bit of a wander, found
(Yes I know :rolleyes: those who like straight lines and no wandering off track will be frowning now and shouting "irrelevant!!" at me)

and through that ended up (with a bit more clicking) on the site below and when I selected 'L' and scrolled down I was delighted to see quite alot of Lynch's listed. They may not be relevant to your research but I thought you might be interested.



13-02-2009, 9:01 PM
I have found a Madge Lynch on the 1930 census in Manhatten (district 488) - sadly US census returns don't give the exact address.

Yes they do. You need to turn your head on one side to read it, but the street name is in column 1 (looks to me like Amsterdam Avenue) and the house number is in column 2 - No. 866.

Sue Mackay
13-02-2009, 9:26 PM
Yes they do. You need to turn your head on one side to read it, but the street name is in column 1 (looks to me like Amsterdam Avenue) and the house number is in column 2 - No. 866.

:o Well blow me down! How come I've never noticed that before! And you're right, it says Amsterdam Avenue.

There are still 73 Mary Lynches born in Ireland on the New York 1920 census, and I can't see a way to search by address. I tried looking at a dozen or so of the Manhatten ones but they all seemed to be West St and I started going cross-eyed trying to work out which ones I'd already looked at!

14-02-2009, 12:47 AM
Thanks all for your efforts!
Sue - does your search offer to narrow down by marital status or age?
I really don't know if Mary Lynch was born in Ireland - it's my bet that it's her husband who is Irish and that he's the one that Madge had the "blood" connection with. Sorry if that wasn't clear. I'd probably try to narrow down by married, and also by age 35 +or- 5 years. You've probably already tried that, so sorry if I'm stating the obvious!

Also, Madge came back and forth to Ireland about 52 times in her life (it was a long life!) and we had also found a record of a Margaret Lynch going to USA (this time to Boston to Charles McGirr) in 1927 which looks very similar to our Madge. If the subject hadn't gotten US citizenship between "crossings", could it potentially look like her "first" time to America? How can this be checked? Citizenship records perhaps?