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31-01-2009, 6:09 AM
I'm looking for Annie Sophia Wilson (my 2x grandmother), I don't know where she was born but am guessing somewhere in the UK.

I know the following facts:
She was born in 1823.
She married John Gordon in 1857 in Port Eliot, South Australia.
She died in 1916 in Hawthorn, Victoria.

I also know:
On her marriage certificate it states her father's name as William
On her death certificate it states her father's name as Richard Tronsdale Wilson - Tronsdale is a name that has been used in subsequent generations.

I have information regarding:
All her children and subsequent generations

Information I don't have:
Her place of birth
Her parents definite names
How and when she came to Australia

Any help will be outstanding.

31-01-2009, 11:34 AM
She was born in 1823.

Hi Ash, you have a typo there - you mean about 1833/34. Aged 23 when married in 1857, aged 83 on death in 1916.

I would be more inclined to believe the name given for her father on the marriage certificate, it comes from her - and especially when they named two children William Wilson Gordon. I found it interesting that not one of the 8 birth registrations in SA show the name Tronsdale at all. There is a son Richard, and this might be how the mistake has been made on the death certificate.

What does the death certificate say about her birthplace?
How long does it say she was in each State?

In SA, in 1865 and 1876, there are children registered to a
Richard Tronsdale WILSON and Ann MAITLAND.
Richard James WILSON and Alice Dora WILSON, both at Point Sturt.
I wonder if this is her brother?
Looking at the marriage index, Richard and Ann married 4 Jan 1852 at Willunga. Fathers are not recorded.


31-01-2009, 11:46 AM
Thanks Christine, that was a typo.

In future generations (from her grandchildren onwards) Tronsdale became a middle name commonly enough used.

I think you may be on to something there with the "potential" brother, it may need some more research.

Death certificate gives barely any information at all. In fact the only way I knew it was her for certain is by the address of where she lived and died.

31-01-2009, 11:52 AM
Further to above, Richard and Ann have 13 birth registrations all up - 1852-1878 - his middle name also shown as Trowsdale, Trousdale, Tronsdell, and Prowdale. This name does not appear in his kids' names.

I checked Victoria, but like the other family, they did not have the decency to wander over the border and have a kid there for you.

Richard Tronsdell WILSON died, aged 57, 18 Apr 1883 at Whitwarta
'Gil' district - 127/282
The relative in the index is James FIDLER (SL)
SL = Son-in-law?
makes him born about 1826, so a little older than your Anne Sophia, but not old enough to be her father! so a brother is looking good.

31-01-2009, 11:57 AM
Yes indeed - thanks Christine |hug|

IGI is showing them as having 8 kids. It also shows Richard as being born in Wales, Yorkshire, England. Something to definitely go on with now.

I also forgot to mention in my previous post that Willunga and Point Sturt are both nearby to Port Elliot/Victor Harbour/Goolwa where Annie and her husband settled after getting married.

I'm not breaking out the sledge hammer just yet but that wall will be broken down!

31-01-2009, 12:02 PM
Right, I'm just bringing up FamilySearch now, you beat me to it.
What I did see was a Richard TRINSDAILE, 1500s in Yorkshire. I can see how they would get Trinsdell and Tronsdale out of that quite easily.

31-01-2009, 12:05 PM
Just found another record for RTW on FS showing all 13 kids.

A* is down so I can't check 1841 census just at the moment to try looking for the whole family in Yorkshire

31-01-2009, 12:22 PM
Found an Ann Wilson born 1834 in Anston, Yorkshire - not far from Wales.

Keep searching... :D

31-01-2009, 12:27 PM
It also shows Richard as being born in Wales, Yorkshire, England.

Um, I think the Wales bit must be a transcription error because Wales is a country and while it is small it is definitely bigger than Yorkshire -

in misty cold (5 centigrade) Newport South Wales

31-01-2009, 12:30 PM
On the contrary, there is actually a place in Yorkshire called Wales, not far from Sheffield. I am looking at it on a map right now :D

31-01-2009, 1:03 PM
Blimey, you learn a new thing everyday, i googled it and your right lol

22-02-2009, 2:06 PM
Purchased the death certificate today and this is what it says:

Died February 4th, 1916 (Spookily that's exactly 61 years prior to the birth of my wife).
Address was 12 Caroline St, Hawthorn.
Name was Annie Gordon.
She was 83 at the time of her death.
Fathers name and occupations was Richard Tronsdale Wilson - Civil Engineer.
Mothers name unknown.
Informant was J.King from Burwood Rd, Hawthorn.
She was buried on 5th February 1916 at Heidelberg Cemetery (ironically my wife and I will be in Heidelberg for a doctors appointment tomorrow).
She was born in Limerick, Ireland.
She'd lived in Victoria for 10 years and South Australia for 40 years.
She married John Gordon in 1857 at Goolwa in South Australia at the age of 23.
Her children are listed as Bryce Charles 53, Charles Lyall 51, William Wilson 45, Richard Tronsdale Deceased, John 43, Sophia Margaret Deceased.

Consequently I found an Anne Wilson aged 21 who sailed to Adelaide from Liverpool in May 1855 - listed as Single, occupation Domestic Servant and residence Dublin, Ireland.

Incdentally also, there is a Richard Tronsdale Wilson who arrived in Adelaide aboard the John Woodall in January 1849 that would likely be our man from the earlier posts in this thread.

22-02-2009, 3:20 PM
you can find out a bit about Wales, Yorkshire on the Genuki site at: