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04-02-2005, 1:37 AM
Looking for info on James Lee and his wife Hannah Hardcastle. Hannah born 1801 to William Hardscastle and wife Grace?. James and Hannah Lee
had Grace born Nov 20, 1820, Thomas born 1823, Helen born 1825, Mary born 1828 and William born 1830. All born Skipton in Craven. Family stories say
Grace (my gr grandmother) was orphaned at age 10 and went to live with a Rev Charles Lee who was the Methodist Minister to Skipton Castle . I have not been able to find his name on any Methodist Ministers listings in and around the area of Skipton. Was there a major catastrophy in Skipton in 1830 that would have killed off her parents? Have not been able to prove this.
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Gloria (in Canada)

PS Grace Lee married Robert Wilkinson 1841 in Huddersfield.

mary elms
19-05-2005, 11:38 PM
Do you know which branch of Methodism Charles LEE belonged to? Was he Wesleyan, Primitive, Countess of Huntingdon Connexion etc ?

I'm staying with my parents until the 28th and therefore have access to Hall's Churches of Methodism which is a directory of Wesleyan circuits and the ministers who served in them 1765-1912. Also to 'Who's who in Methodism 1933' which is a directory of all the ministers who were serving at the time of Methodist Union in 1932 - Wesleyan, United & Primitive.

I had a look for Charles LEE but the only Wesleyan possibilities are William LEES who was a minister in the Bingley circuit 1865-7 and Samuel LEIGH who was a minister in the Ilkley circuit 1834-5.

Have you found the family on the 1841 census?


20-05-2005, 1:44 AM
Hi Mary
Most of my info is from family stories. We were told Charles Lee was Grace's father until I got their marriage certificate and proved them wrong. we have no idea which Branch of Methodism he followed. I have no access to the 1841 Census so have not checked there as yet. Thanks for the reply. Gloria.

mary elms
20-05-2005, 10:53 AM
Hello Gloria,

Remembering what family stories are like I had a look at the 1936 edition of 'Ministers & Probationers with circuits' as there's a list at the back of 'ministers who have died in the work'. This is a list of all the ministers of Methodism that they knew of beginning with the Wesleys.

There;s a Charles F LEE in the list - a United Methodist - but his dates are too late - he was a minister from 1875 to 1921.

On the possibility that the Christian Name is wrong or the one that only family used etc. here's a list of possibles -

Willim LEA - Primitive Methodist 1823-1870
George LEE - Primitive Methodist 1823 -1875
Matthew LEE - Primitive Methodist 1827 - 1866
James LEES - Wesleyan - 1836 - 1882
Harvey LEIGH - Primitive Methodist - 1838 - 1878
Samuel LEIGH - Wesleyan - 1812 - 1852
W Bramwell LEIGH - Primitive Methodist - ? to 1870

The dates are their years in the ministry not their birth and death dates.

These may be complete red herrings. Archive CD Books (http://parishchest.com/en-gb/dept_2431.html)is working on the 1841 Census for Yorkshire and that may be a good place to look for the family.

You say you have Grace's marriage certificate. Where and when did they get married? Methodist Ministers tend to move around so it might give another clue as to where to look for them.

contd ............

mary elms
20-05-2005, 9:31 PM
.............. contd.

A number of possible solutions occur to me -

1. the family are right and Charles LEE was a Methodist Minister who was left off the lists. I certainly wouldn't assume them to be complete.

2. His name was Charles LEE but he was a Local Preacher [a lay man (in those days anyway - I would probably not have been allowed :D) not employed by the church who travels around the circuit and leads worship].

3. The name has got misremembered or he didn't use his official name.