15-11-2008, 4:10 AM
I am the descendant of Albert Dawdry, March 1891, who was sent to Canada in 1905 through Miss MacPherson, as a Home Child. He arrived in Quebec Sept 1905 on the SS Tunisian.

I am looking for information regarding his family. I believe his mother Sarah Jane (Haye) Dawdry may have died in 1902. His father's name in Frederick Dawdry. They were married in 1880.

Albert was in the Bethnal Green Union School.

I received the Juvenile Inspection Report that was held with MacPherson records by Barnardo's. In this report, it states that Albert had enquired to the wellbeing/ whereabouts of his sister "Nellie". I believe that she would have been older than him, as she was not sent to Canada.

|banghead| Any leads appreciated!

15-11-2008, 11:20 AM
Hi Stacey,

I find these stories so sad.. I also have a relative, a cousin of my g-grandfathers, who was sent to Canada in the 1880's from the Southampton workhouse. We haven't been able to trace her.

There are a couple of possibilities on freebmd though, for your Albert's 'Nellie.'

Bearing in mind that Nellie was often short for Eleanor or Ellen as well...

Dec 1885 DAWDRY Nellie Maria Bethnal Green 1c 225
Mar 1889 DAWDRY Elizabeth Ellen Bethnal Green 1c 241

It looks like Nellie Maria married in 1904;

Sep 1904 DAWDRY Nellie Maria Shoreditch 1c 162
( spouse Herbert MOON or John William MARSHALL)

I looked for Moon/Dawdry and Marshall/ Dawdry births after 1911. You probably know that was when the mothers maiden name started to be included in the birth records. It looks like Herbert was the lucky fellow, because there were no hits for Marshall, but three for MOON;

Jun 1916 MOON John T DAWDRY Camberwell 1d 1603
Mar 1920 MOON Frederick C DAWDRY Camberwell 1d 2193
Jun 1930 MOON Jean S DAWDRY Camberwell 1d 1085

I'll have a look for Elizabeth Ellen now...

15-11-2008, 11:24 AM
No marriage or death found for Elizabeth Ellen.

15-11-2008, 7:21 PM
You guys are wonderful!

I started this about 2 1/2 years ago- at that time I did apply to Barnardo's and received some information from them, as MacPherson's had some information on file there. My Grandfather (Albert's son) died a year ago (actually, one year to the day today) and I put the project aside for a while. I have just picked it back up, so I am a little rusty. It has also been difficult as I live in Canada & there are somethings that I don't/ didn't understand and I have enough trouble with Canadian geography- let alone England's in the late 1800's/ early 1900's.

I'm off to the library for maps!

I am sending off the applications for the marriage certificate for Albert's parents, pretty much as we speak, as well as an application for Sarah Jane's death certificate, as I believe that information is correct.

I ordered the birth certificate for Nellie Maria- 1885 last time, but the parents names were incorrect.

I am hoping to get more information from the certificates I just requested and that may provide a lead or two.

Thank you SO much for your kindness in replying.

17-11-2008, 12:19 AM
Just a question... I have tried to cross reference their mother's maiden name (Haye) with births under the last name Dawdry (and phonetic inclusions) and only came up with one result... my GGF, Albert. Is it possible that the sister's birth was not recorded?

I accessed his military records today and "Nellie Dawdrey" was listed as his next of kin... wouldn't there be contact information for this purpose?

19-11-2008, 9:10 PM
Hi Stacey,

I also am a descendant of the Dawdry family. Perhaps the following may be of some help. As you say Frederick Walter Dawdry m Sarah Ann Haye. Frederick was b in Forhoe, Norfolk and Sarah Jane in Bethnal Green, London in 1854. Frederick d in Billericay, Essex in 1895. His father was Charles Todd Bernard Dawdry b Dec 1817. He died in Bethnal Green, London, in Sept 1888. Bernards father was John Dawdry b 1786, at Forhoe. He m Ann Todd in Wynmondham, Norfolk on 7 May 1811.

My information did not indicate Frederick and Sarah having any children so you have filled some information for me. Your post also gives some clue as to how the Dawdry name came to be in Canada & America.

There also appears to be another branch of the family in the ipswich area of the UK but so far I have not been able to find a direct link.

One other piece of information, although I am not sure it is relevant. A John Dawdry emmigrated to Canada in 1850 and died of a heart attack in prison in British Columbia, Canada on 26 Feb 1882. As far as I know he was unmarried.

20-11-2008, 3:47 AM
OMG! Okay- so I have quit dancing around the kitchen now! I am SO excited! Frederick Walter and Sarah Jane had 2 children Albert Walter (my greatgrandfather) and Nellie.

Nellie is listed as next of kin on his attestation papers when he enlisted in WW1, but he enlisted in London, Ontario, Canada and she was still in England. I am still trying to find anything out about her.

Albert and his wife, Annie Rose Stillwell married in England in 1918 and moved back to Canada in 1920. They had one child while in England, then went on to have 12 more here! (one of which, was my grandfather Frederick Walter).

I can fill you in on all that! There are alot of us populating Ontario now! We are just in the process of updating our family tree, as we have a reunion of those of the remaining 13 siblings and their offspring every November.

I have also read about the Dawdry who died in jail! I have not found evidence that he is related yet, but who knows!

Where do you live and how do you fit into this family tree??

21-11-2008, 5:37 PM
Hi Stacy,

I'm a little confused at present. You have said that both your GGF and GF were both named Frederick Walter, is this correct? I believe that your GGF was Frederick Walter who m Sarah Jane Haye. I have limited information on Albert but cannot at present confirm his parents. Nellie Maria was the daughter of Thomas Dawdry. Charles Todd Dawdry had four daughters and eight sons, Henry, Charles, John, William, Thomas, Frederick W, Edgar & Arthur. I am a descendant of Edgar. Could it be Nellie was a cousin of Albert?
Until I saw your post I did not have any children shown for Frederick & Sarah.
Do you have any details for Frederick Walter, ie DoB, place of birth, was his second name actually Walter, etc., which would enable me to cross check my information? As you will be aware records in the past are not always too accurate. One other problem is that names are not always correct in that a lot of second names were not used. I live in Nottingham, England.