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12-11-2008, 6:22 PM
i am tracing my great grandfather : george (gibbs) jewel b.1866

thanks to help from Bumble bee ,i now know that he sailed on the Amazon and docked in liverpool 1917 .

i have since discovered that the Amazon was sunk off the north coast of Ireland
15th march 1918 by U-52 submarine,

i have a conflicting report from the newyork times march 21st 1918 stating that she was sunk of the coast of gibralter .

george was in the navy as a class 2 boy at devonport training ship 'the royal Adelaide' in 1881 ,so i would assume he had a naval career ,which he may have resumed at the outbreak of war (possibly merchant).

my questions are :
how do i find out if he was on board at the time of the sinking ?

what records of the sinking can i see ?

why the conflicting stories ?

i have been unable to find a death listed for george ,is it because it might have been at sea ?

as always i wait for the BG team to help/enlighten me!!!


12-11-2008, 7:06 PM
I have looked for any 'Jewel' in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's database for 1918, and there is no-one there to match your details.
There are books listing shipping losses, probably at large libraries, which would give details of any vessel sunk. Googling the ship's name can sometimes help, puttin 'ss' or mv' in front, to prevent being swamped by refs to the river!

If he died at sea, whether by loss of ship or illness, his death should have been registered, and a certificate would be available.