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Debbie Bozkurt
17-08-2008, 5:11 PM
You are probably getting fed up of me |5cups| but I am having one last go of trying to find details of my family of Stringers who were Publicans in Staughton Moor, Huntingdonshire. On the census I have the following:

Joseph Stringer 1841 Publican Staughton Moor
Joseph Stringer 1851 Publican Staughton Moor
Joseph Stringer 1861 Publican The Dolphin Staughton Moor
David Stringer 1871 Publican Staughton Moor
Sarah Stringer (widow of David) 1881 Publican Staughton Moor
William Jarvis 1891 Publican The Dolphin Staughton Moor - Mary Stringer lived next door!
Mary Stringer (widow of John Stringer - brother of David son of Joseph) 1901 Publican The Dolphin Staughton Moor.

I have found website dedicated to old pubs, in various Counties but not Huntingdonshire, I have tried google, looked up the Huntingdonshire Records office but couldn't get into their email contact and a few other sites.

Does anyone know the best place to a) find out about the pub or whether it was from their own house and what happened to it b) is there historical data or publican licenses I can look up

Any help would be much appreciated. :)



17-08-2008, 5:56 PM
Hi Debbie,

The link to the Huntingdon Archives (http://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/leisure/archives/visiting/crohuntingdon.htm) email address would not open for me either. Perhaps you could give them a ring and ask them for it. That way you could then send the email at your leisure, rather than running up a telephone bill. :D

Colin Moretti
17-08-2008, 6:06 PM
FFHS publishes a helpful booklet: Victualler's Licences by Jeremy Gibson and Judith Hunter. They record for post-1828 that:
Quarter Sessions papers include some licensing matters but only convictions have been catalogued.There are also a limited number of Borough records (Godmanchester and Huntingdon) and Petty Sessions records with registers of licences, the earliest of the latter seem to be 1872.

They are held at the Cambridgeshire RO, Huntingdonshire Branch.


Peter Goodey
17-08-2008, 6:29 PM
In general, you won't find any licensing records between 1829 and 1872. This is because of various legislative changes.

Records after 1872 are summarised in bound registers and are easy to use subject to them having survived! They will be held in County Record Offices.

Trade directories are invaluable to fill in the gaps.