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Lee Tatler
27-07-2008, 5:56 AM
Hi can anyone please verify I have my ancestors listed as married in Liverpool. Names being Thomas Jones says he was a Wesleyan Minister? married to a Sarah Lewis, who appears to be very young and he was about 30 years older. I cannot find them on the marriage index, they were supposedly married in Jan. 1848 in Liverpool. Please can anyone help, thank you from Lee|help|

27-07-2008, 6:11 AM
Hi Lee,

A search for marriages of Thomas Jones married March Q 1848 in Liverpool only returned three hits.

Of those three the only Sarah married on the same page is this entry:

March Q 1848

Jones Thomas Liverpool Vol 20 Page 274
Reeder Sarah Jane Liverpool Vol 20 Page 274

There is another page with a Thomas Jones and an entry for a Lewis but that is a male - Brennen Lewis on Vol 20 Page 152

There were no entries for a Sarah Lewis in Lancashire in the March Q 1848

27-07-2008, 6:32 AM
they were supposedly married in Jan. 1848 in Liverpool.

From where did you get this information?

I ask, as some of mine fibbed on birth certificates of their children - backdating the marriage to fit, and another just made a mistake quoting a year later than the actual marriage. Others just made up dates and places when they hadn't married at all.

Also, some trees online might assume the marriage was a minimum of nine months before the child was born and put a date to that effect - what might start of as 'before Jan 1848' might end up as Jan 1848.

Being a Wesleyan Minister, one would assume that he would be above such going ons. :)