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24-07-2008, 7:47 PM
Hi, I have recieved a great deal of help here and I appriciate this immensly . But I have a problem. I have a brick wall that I have spent a whole week of vacation on... and nothing but questions have arose. I have mastered ancestry.com and looked in all the recomended reading about my ancestors and the town . this is the problem. I have a George Conner. He was born in 1790 in Pennslyvania. He then a some point moved to Dearborn Ind. ( possible family and therory . He is of Richard Conner and Georges dad is either John , or James.( This family is documented to have Shawnee Indian ties, they were Immensed in the Indian Culture.worked for the governtment of thomas Jefferson and Henry Harrision. It is known that John's Son was living among the Indians but we think that George may be a Indian SOn of his time amungst the Indians. BUT George's birth is the correct time for a child of these men. BUt Being amugst an Indian Tribe in the 1700, I dont think that running to the court house to register your mixed baby with a white boy is something that was pressing. 1) I have looked in ancestry at every George Conner. I have looked at the latter day saints site and writtien down 100 possible baby daddies. But where else can I look for georges dad? Georges wife was a Betsy or ELizabeth born in 1790ish. In Pa. they moved to Dearborn INd. Should I just give up and call the Historian of that town ? IS there some thing I am missing. S.O.S Help I am drowning in a mission gone bad. help. ( lol thanks I have used my vacation and wanted to do this. But its like I tore up a rats nest. ) thanks christine Holmes.

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24-07-2008, 8:58 PM
If you searched An*.com, I assume you have seen 1860 USA census showing

and naming wife & children. [I am looking at HeritageQuest for my information].

Race shown as W, which seems it would be incorrect [or misrepresented] if he were 1/2 Native American.

Previous census entry for George in Dearborne is 1820
Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Birthplace State County

Location Year

and does not show age, birthplace, race etc.