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19-05-2007, 9:36 AM
any information on the ixworth daines. or dawkins and cracknell between 1800 and 1880. henry, william and thomas. sarah, mary and jane. henry was married twice; first to angelina cracknell. then her niece emma l. dawkins

william was still in the area; married to frances and had twin boys, david and thomas in 1880. henry died in lancashire and his wife emma immigrated with 6 out of 7 surviving children to canada between 1905 and 1911. sarah later came with herbert; the youngest of angelina's children. thomas may have changed his name to drakes? henry changed his name to dynes. and angelina changed hers to daivies for a short period spanning 10 years. why we do not know - does any1? many of the family moved to settle in lancashire then on to british columbia and alberta, canada.