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15-11-2004, 10:00 PM
I am posting this for my pal Suzie in Orkney - all her research in England is difficult due to her location over the water. Please can anyone provide information, or admirably, details of the marriage of Mary Compton to William Dunn at St Thomas, Dudley 12th November 1849 - especially the parents of bride and groom? Or alternatively, a household including either of them on the 1841 census?

Suzie is trying to locate parents/origins of her gt grandfather, James COMPTON who married 1876 (Burton on Trent) and died 1880 (Hanbury) and - thus far - has not been located on the census. He claimed to be 28 in 1876, claimed to be a labourer and widower, claimed to have a father James COMPTON, carpenter. He has not been located in Hanbury, Burton on Trent or north-west Leicestershire where his wife, Emma Greasley came from. We therefore believe he was probably a migrant worker, possibly lied about his age to impress his young bride, etc. However, his death was registered by his "cousin" Thomas Dunn, carpenter of Hanbury. Hence the great interest in the Dunn-Compton marriage in Dudley!

Many thanks - any help would help Suzie with her interminable brick-wall which seems to be of the reinforced type!