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20-09-2006, 5:04 PM
Am tracing the Cate family from Colyton, Devon. My last known ancestor is
Robert Cate b. abt 1526 in Colyton Married May 11 1551 to Margaret Bagwell also if Colyton. This Robert was son of Robert Ezra Cate and Mary and Randall who emigrated to Va. Are there records that I could investigate before 1526 or anyone else with this information? Thank you. Bille Cate Owen

15-08-2008, 8:55 PM
Your e-mail reminded me that I hit a "wall" a couple of years ago. I would so appreciate any help from you Here is my line. The following are correct and documented.
My father, Paul L. Cate. 1902-1985
son of Thomas L. Cate 1862-1921
son of Elisha Porter Cate, Jr. 1832_1911
son of Elisha Porter Cate. Sr. 1795 -1876
son of John Cate, Jr. 1771-1840
son of John Cate, SR. 1753-1828
These were all from East TN or North Carolina.
From here on I am very unsure
son of Robert Cate born before 1700 died 1767
son of Robert Ezra Cate born 1667 England dien before 1729 in VA married Mary Ann
Randall of England in 1675.

There are some gaps here, some relatives say that Robert Cate of Colyton wife Margaret
Bagwell is in this line. I am not sure but would like any information you have. Thanks
Billie Owen owenkittyo (at) aol dot com

16-08-2008, 4:13 AM
My line starts in Virginia with Robert Ezra Cate who moved to Henrico County in 1689 to indenture as a shoemaker to Peter Wyke under a four year contract.
Either in Devon or in Virginia, Robert joined the Quaker community and was a member of that community apparently his entire life.

Robert Ezra was a twin to Richard Nehemiah Cate who also emigrated but does not appear in the record in Virginia, although it is thought he was indentured to Benjamin Harrison of Henrico. I believe he died because when Robert had his family his first son he chose to name Richard, a funny choice if you thought your brother would name a child after himself. The name changed from Cate to Cates with the first generation born in North America.

Robert Ezra Cate married Mary Ann Randall (daughter of Catherine Randall)
they had six sons, born between 1698 and 1712: (I will need to look for the exact dates later):

Richard Cate
Robert Cate
William Cate
Thomas Cate
John Cate
Benjamin Cate

I understand my line goes through Robert Jr. to Thomas Cates, Sr. to Thomas Cates Jr. to Ephriam Cates Sr. to Ephriam Cates Jr. to Lorenzo Estridge Cates, to John Cates to Elmo Cates, to my father Robert E. Cates to me, Robert G. Cates. The family went from Viriginia to north central North Carolina (Durham area) settling the first villages in Person, Orange and Alamance counties. The family then went to East Tennessee (Warren County area) and then my line moved onto Illinois prior to the Civil War. My father left Illinois for New Mexico in the 1960s where I still live today.

The records are certainly available to jumpstart your search again and make these links. The Cate/Cates board at ancestry.com is a good start. Also check the LDS site at familysearch.org.