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Mary Kennedy
29-05-2006, 5:05 AM

I was wondering if someone out there has access to birth records and could look up the following for me:

John Kennedy September 1894 1a 313 Fulham

Was wondering who his parents where.


Mary Kennedy

29-05-2006, 6:35 AM
If anyone did, they'd probably be raking it in by providing uncertified copies at half the price that the GRO charge for a certified copy.

Births and deaths listed in the GRO index are civil records, not church records, and are not held at an archive where you can look them up - the only way you find out what's on the record is by buying the certificate.

Marriages are a mixed bag. If a marriage took place at a church, not at a register office, most church registers have been deposited so you *can* usually look it up. However, the GRO index entry won't tell you whether it was church or not and, if so, which church it was. So, even with marriages, in some registration districts there are so many churches that I've sometimes tried two or three that I thought were likely, drawn a blank, and thought "Blow this - it really isn't worth 7 of my limited record office time to hunt through another twenty or thirty trying to find it when, for all I know, it may not be a church one anyway", ordered the certificate to find out, then gone back to get a copy of the original from the parish register later.