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Pam Downes
22-04-2006, 12:55 PM
From Ceefax,
"Manchester United has accepted a lottery grant of 30,000 to increase the health and fitness of its staff.
The money has been given granted to the club from Sport England. Over three years it will fund yoga lessons and lunchtime walking lessons for staff."
The on-the-TV-screen news item says that the club will also put 30,000 towards the scheme.

Message to Sport England - if you've got 30,000 to waste on such schemes as this then give it back to the general lottery fund who will then have absolutely no excuse for refusing to give a grant to people like the Mountain Rescue people who were refused a grant because they couldn't prove that amongst the people they would rescue would be a certain percentage of ethnic people.

Message to the people of the UK. When our athletes fail to win medals at future events you may console yourself with the knowledge that at least Man U's staff are fit.

'Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' doesn't even get to one per cent of the outrage I feel at this grant.


22-04-2006, 1:03 PM
My husband mentioned this last night Pam, and couldn't believe it!

I have never subscribed to the lottery fund, but my husband used to do so until recently, when another similar thing occurred, which incensed him. He now gives the money he used to spend, to a local charity.


22-04-2006, 2:06 PM
I could not believe what I was hearing on the news either. If I did the lottery this would make me stop right now.

Who makes these stupid rules - like the percentage of ethnic people likely to be rescued? They are nuts.

Guy Etchells
22-04-2006, 3:37 PM
No just racist.
It is a racist policy to withold funding based on ethnic criteria.

Diane Grant-Salmon
22-04-2006, 3:55 PM
I heard this on Radio 2 this morning about Manchester United, |rant| this little chap doesn't quite cover what I said though! To make matters even worse, Granada TV have been given 15,000 for the Coronation Street Staff, for the same reason.

Whilst I'm here, I may as well mention the |rant| I had yesterday! Cherie Blair's hairdressing bill of 7000 ...... I don't know why she bothered, as her hair looks a mess! At least Michael Howard's wife only spent 65 for the same time period and she is gorgeous!

Pam Downes
22-04-2006, 4:15 PM
It appears that Sport England has allocated 1.2 million as part of a drive to improve the fitness of office staff, and that's where Man U's money has come from.
will hopefully give part of an article as well as readers' comments.
Particularly telling is the one from a member of the Stockport and District Branch Alzheimer's Solciety which has been awarded the massive sum of 250 to fund a fitness club in the community not just for a privileged few who happen to work for certain companies.
My solution to improve the health of office staff is simple. Sell off the car parks, so people either have to walk to work or at least walk to the bus stop. And take any lifts out of service so staff have to use the stairs. (OK if a building is over a certain number of stories high then enable the lifts over the middle portion.) And before anyone yells I'm cruel - (a) I used to travel to work by public transport, and (b) often used to walk up 2, 4, or 6 flights of stairs depending on which office I had to go to.

Pam Downes
22-04-2006, 4:33 PM
And from an article in the Daily Mail obtained from my newsagent this morning:
"The scheme was a pilot project based in the North-West. A Sport England spokesman said: 'We cannot and should not discriminate against a firm on whether it is perceived to be wealthy, but should target those who will help make a real difference.' "
Another company who received a grant was a legal firm who employ 200 people - many of whom earn more than 50k a year. It's been allocated 45,000 to pay for gym memberships. Their feeble excuse is that 'We have a range of people working for us, office juniors and receptionists for whom gym membership would be beyond their means.'
And I wonder just how many of those gym memberships will be used every week.

22-04-2006, 5:43 PM
I am sure that the law firm could negotiate a discount rate for the firm. It seems as though some people with money still want something for nothing! I don't know what on earth is going on anymore - I must be getting old :)

Diane Grant-Salmon
22-04-2006, 6:16 PM
I don't know what on earth is going on anymore - I must be getting old :)

Unfortunately, *the Powers-that-Be* in England, are only concerned with the young these days, or it seems that way to me. The older you are, the more 'invisible' you are ..... what happened to 'respect your elders'? :confused:

22-04-2006, 6:33 PM
I am presuming that Manchester United applied for this Lottery Grant? If so, how they've got the front to do so is totally beyond me :mad: .

If they didn't have to apply and were just 'given' the money - wouldn't it be a nice gesture if they refused it and suggested it was given to an organisation that really needs it (yes, I've just seen a pig flying past the window...... :eek: )

Best wishes
PS - Diane, don't get me started on Cherie Blair's hair |rant|